Sig P320 Carry vs. Compact Pistol: Detailed Comparison

Sig P320 Carry and Compact both are famous striker pistols. While comparing them, there are a lot of similarities. Yet the pistols are different in some aspects. These trifling differences create the debate – Sig P320 Carry vs. Compact. 

The focusing difference between the two pistols is, the Sig P320 is larger. And the Compact is smaller, so it turned out to be an easier carrying gun. This is not it. 

To know the further comparison, without more delay, let’s get into the details.

Comparison Chart – Sig P320 Carry vs. Compact:

Sig P320 CarrySig P320 Compact
Larger gun than CompactSmaller gun than carrying
1 ounce heavier than Compact1 ounce lighter than Compact
Some users don’t find it suitable for smaller handsPerfectly suitable for smaller hands
The grip is nice and tightThe grip is not so upfront yet good
The trigger is vertical in shapeThe trigger is curved in shape
Easy to carryEasier to carry than the Carry
Slight smaller frameSlight larger frame than carrying

In-depth discussion – Sig P320 Carry vs. Compact:

From the comparison chart above you can see a quick view of the differences between Sig P320 Carry and Compact. Now, let’s figure out the details.

Size and dimension

The initial difference between Sig P320 Carry and Compact is the size and dimension. The length of the Carry is 7.4 inches, the height is 5.5 inches and the barrel is 3.9 inches.

On the other hand, the Compact’s length is 7.2 inches, height is 5.2 inches and the barrel is 3.9 inches. So, you can see the Sig P320 Carry is larger in length and height than carrying. But the barrel measure is still the same in both guns.

Not only in size but also the guns are different weight-wise as well. The Carry weighs 27 ounces and the Compact weights 29.4 ounces. So, it is just an ounce difference that makes the Compact heavier.

Capacity and Design

Being a bigger gun Sig P320 Carry has a 17 round magazine. And it comes with 2 additional 17 round magazines. The Compact has a 15 round magazine. And it comes with another 15 round magazine in the box.

Now, let’s talk about a visible difference between these two popular guns. The design is significantly different in the two guns. Both the gun top slide is made with stainless steel and is coated with a Nitron finish. 

But on the sides of the slides, you can see the differences. The slide serrations in the Carry are more vertical and lined with the grip line. Which turns out to give better grip texture and also looks great. On the other side of the slide, you will see the same serrations with the Xcarry logo in the middle.

On the other hand, the slide serration on the compact is about 45 degrees angle. It is the same on the other side of the slide. The edges of the serration are nicely textured and hold a good grip. 

Another difference is, you will not get any lightning cut on the Compact. But, there is a lightning cut you can see on the top of the Carry. It is there to keep a balance on the weight consistent for reliable manipulation during recoil.

Frame Size

The frame size of the Carry is currently offered at 9mm. You can get P320 Carry version five to get a more full-sized frame. On the other hand, the Compact comes with a 9.40/9.45 mm frame size. The 9.45mm frame size is different and not interchangeable with the 9.40 version.

Night Sight

Sig P320 Carry and Compact both have a 3 dot Siglite Night Sight configuration. In the Carry, there is one dot night sight insulated with a green circle on the top front of the gun.  The rear has standard 2-night sight also insulated with a green circle. Something is interesting with the night sight feature here. It is, you can detach the top rear part. 

There is a plate on the rear top of the gun. And the entire rear sight is attached to the plate. You can see the attachment correlation right in front of you. You can remove the plate unscrewing underneath. Underneath it exposes Romeo 1 attachment point. So, it can fit on Sig Romeo Night Sight perfectly. 

The Compact has a dot night sight on the top front and 2 dot night sight on the rear top as well.

Magazine Release

Both of the guns are primarily made for right-handed shooters. So, the magazine release press button is situated according to that.

But you can change the button size if you are a left-handed shooter. They have the option to built-in both of the guns. You need to do something with screws and you are done. 


The trigger in the P320 Carry is vertical and pretty straightforward. It has a nice touchy ending. The pulling and braking are great in the Carry. The trigger medicated your risk of pulling or jerking on the trigger. 

The trigger of the Compact is curved. It has a nice finish. The trigger is also great here. You can pull the trigger, pause, and can feel it. So, when you are ready to shoot you can break easily and accurately. The reset is also short in this trigger. It just happens with no extra force and very easily and quickly. 

Between the triggers, users find the Compact trigger more user-friendly. Because, this one gives more premium feelings. The trigger is also fine with the Carry. But you won’t get the satisfaction like the Compact trigger.

Cost Comparison

Sig P320 Carry is pricier than the Compact. You can add customizations and that may vary the price. Yet you do not have so many options to make customizations on the compact. But you have a lot of options in carrying.

Sig P320 Carry or Compact – Which one to choose?

Well, choosing between Sig P320 Carry and Compact stands on two factors only. One, the user’s comfort, and two, the price.  Without this, there is no major difference to consider. 

If you are ready to spend some more money and are okay with handling a larger gun, then the P320 Carry is the best choice for you. You can also upgrade the gun or customize it later. Undoubtedly, the investment is worthy for a Sig P320 Carry.

If you are looking for something smaller which is easy to handle, then the Compact is for you. Although you won’t get so many features in it you are getting a standard gun. Besides, it takes less space to keep than carrying. 


What is the difference between the SIG P320 carry and compact?

The main difference between Sig P320 Carry and Compact is, Carry is a larger gun and the Compact is a smaller one. Other than this, Carry is a little heavier and adjustable with some attachments. The Compact is light and does not have options for adjustments.

What is the SIG P320 carry?

Sig P320 Carry is a striker pistol that is specially built for large-handed users. 

Is the Sig P320 Compact Good for concealed carry?

Yes. Sig P320 Compact is good for concealed carry. Being a smaller gun Compact serves the purpose perfectly.

Final Words

Now, we have come to the end of the discussion, Sig P320 Carry vs. Compact. Hope that you will be able to choose one. Whichever gun you choose to get, make sure you get what you want. Besides, do some regular maintenance to keep the gun free from rust and dirt.