P365 flat trigger vs curved: Which one is best?

The flat trigger is the latest invention in the gun world. It is becoming popular day by day. However, curved triggers remain the best choice for many people. 

P365 is a compact pistol and great for multiple uses. It is tough to choose between P365 curved and flat. 

In this article on P365 flat trigger vs curved, I will discuss their differences, benefits, and disadvantages in detail. After reading this article, you will be able to pick the right one between them. 

So, let’s start.

Comparison chart  P365 flat trigger vs curved

P365 curved trigger P365 flat trigger 
Short trigger reachLonger trigger reach
Not suitable for large handOk for every size’s hand
Higher pull weight Lower pull weight
Accuracy is goodAccuracy is better than curved trigger 
Ok for consistency Great for consistency

In-depth discussion P365 flat trigger vs curved

Here I will discuss both pistols’ performances, reliability, accuracy, ease of use, trigger reach, trigger pull weight, and costs in detail. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into them.  


P365 flat and curved trigger pistols are made from the same material and share the same body. So, they don’t have too much difference in their performances.

However, the P365 flat trigger seems to perform better than the curved trigger. It is more of a personal opinion. It varies from person to person. You can find the difference on the paper. But it is challenging to find notable differences in practical shooting. 

So, choose one that you think is right for you.


The P365 is a reliable handgun. Thanks to its aggressive texture. You can rely on this gun doesn’t matter what the situation is. You can throw the gun into the dust, then start shooting after removing it from the dust. It goes the same for the water. You can dip it into the mud and start shooting after removing it. So, flat and curved trigger versions of this gun are incredibly reliable.

Regarding the fast shooting conditions, the flat trigger version seems a bit more reliable than the curved one because your finger reach won’t matter for the flat trigger; it will give you perfect shots every time.

Ease of use 

When it comes to usability, the P365 is an easy-to-use pistol. Newbie shooters won’t face difficulties with this gun. You can disassemble and assemble this gun very quickly. 

Curved and flat trigger versions of this gun are easy to use. However, the flat trigger version seems easier to use because it provides more space for the trigger finger. However, this opinion varies from person to person.   


As far as accuracy is concerned, P365 is an accurate beast. It will provide accurate shots all the time.

If you compare the accuracy between curved and flat trigger versions, the flat trigger has leverage over the curved trigger. In shooting competitions, flat trigger seems to provide better accuracy than a curved trigger. However, grip and trigger pull weight plays a crucial role in inaccuracy. 

Trigger reach 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a competitive shooter or regular; trigger reach is essential for every shooter. Generally, trigger reach of a gun depends on its trigger type. The curved trigger is easy to reach because the length between grip and trigger is shorter compared to the flat trigger. 

Moreover, if you have a large hand, your finger will come lower to the grip to reach the curved trigger. On the other hand, this is not the same for the flat trigger. The flat trigger will always make uniform contact with your finger doesn’t matter the size of your hand and gun.

So, P365 curved and flat triggers both have advantages and disadvantages regarding trigger reach.        

Trigger pull weight

Trigger pull weight is an essential matter for shooting. Shooting performance depends on it. If your trigger has a higher pull weight, you can’t shoot easily because you need more effort.

Flat triggers require lower pull weight compared to curved triggers. So, the P365 curved trigger needs a higher pull weight, and the P365 flat needs a lower pull weight. Therefore, the P365 flat is easy to shoot, and you can shoot quickly. As a result, it is ideal for competitive shooting. 

However, the pull weight difference between these guns is not quite significant. So, you won’t face significant differences in the performance. 


P365 curved is the official version of the P365 standard pistol. It costs around $500. If you want a flat trigger, you can buy a flat trigger and replace the curved trigger. It will cost another $50 or $80(depending on the trigger quality).  

P365 flat trigger vs curved: Which one to choose

When it comes to choosing one pistol from P365 curved and P365 flat, it is very tough because both are the same, and the only difference is their trigger. 

If you are a competitive shooter and need to shoot quickly, the flat trigger is best for you. On the other hand, if you need a pistol for self-defense and need to carry the gun all the time, the curved trigger version is best for you. 

So, choose one that suits you best. 


Which one is better: P365 flat or curved?

It depends on personal choice. However, P365 flat seems better than P365 curved.

What is the benefit of a flat trigger?

Flat trigger ensures uniform trigger pull length doesn’t matter where the finger contacts the trigger. 

Which trigger is lighter, P365 flat or P365 curved?

The P365 flat trigger is lighter, and its pull weight is less. 

Which gun is better for daily carrying 

Both are good for carrying because they are lightweight.

P365 flat trigger vs curved: final words

The curved trigger has long been in the game. However, flat triggers are becoming popular day by day. These days shooters update their guns to flat triggers because they prefer flat triggers over curved triggers. 

Here I have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the P365 curved and flat trigger in detail. If you were hesitant to choose between P365 curved and flat, I hope you can make the right decision after reading this article on P365 flat trigger vs curved.