Why Is 30-30 Ammo So Expensive? Possible Reasons Behind It!

30-30 ammo is so expensive because of high demand, increased cost of production, supply shortage, hoarding etc. Because of these reasons recently 30-30 ammo costs more than $1.5 per round. 

Though some experts hope that its price will come down but it’s not sure when it’ll be. But surprisingly, there are a few alternatives to 30-30 which offer quite the same performance at a low cost. So continue reading to learn more about these in detail.

Why Is 30-30 Ammo So Expensive? ( Explained The Reasons Behind It )

The .30-30 Winchester ammunition is known for its relatively high price tag. 

Basically in recent years the popularity of lever-action rifles (which used 30-30) has increased a lot but the production of the ammo is not sufficient. As a result its prices increase.

Along with increasing demand, below we mentioned several other reasons behind its expansiveness.

Increased Demand

Lever-action rifles are a popular choice for hunters and shooters, and they are often chambered in 30-30. 

Besides 30-30 ammo is a versatile round that can be used for a variety of purposes, including self-defense, and target shooting. 

Basically because of this popularity and increased demand, this ammo becomes so expensive.

Limited Production

Despite its historical significance, .30-30 ammunition production has decreased over time. 

Basically several ammunition manufacturers have shifted their focus towards popular modern calibers. 

This leads to limited production of .30-30 ammo. As a result there occurs a shortage and its prices increase.


Hoarding occurs when people buy large quantities of any product in anticipation of future shortages or price increases. 

Unfortunately there are a lot of people who are hoarding 30-30 ammo. This leads to shortages, drives up prices and makes it even harder for people to afford.

Limited Compatibility

The .30-30 Winchester is relatively old and it’s not as widely used as some of the newer cartridges which narrows down its potential market. 

Besides recently the popularity of lever-action rifles has waned with the rise of semiautomatic rifles

And due to this compatibility issue, their supply is reduced and even if available in small quantities, the price is relatively high.

Increased Raw Material Costs

Ammunition production and prices depend heavily on raw materials (brass, lead, copper, and gunpowder). 

And based on market conditions, availability, and geopolitical factors these raw materials (especially copper and lead) prices increase significantly. Due to this manufacturing companies are forced to increase prices.

COVID-19 Pandemic

During the COVID 19 pandemic situation several weapon factories stopped or reduced their production which disrupted the global supply chain. This not only increases 30-30 ammo’s price but also all of the ammunition. 

How Much Does 30-30 Ammo Cost?

Generally the price of 30-30 ammo depends on several things, like: brand, purchased quantity, weapon/ammunition laws, location, availability etc. So it’s quite hard to tell the exact price.

But to get an idea check out the below mentioned table. Here we mentioned some brands who sell 30-30 ammo and their estimated prices.

Manufacturer Name/DescriptionGrainsRoundsEstimated Price ($) 
Browning Bxr 155 REMT

Federal Power-shok150 FN$39.00
Hornady Sub-x175 $68.00
Remington Core-lokt150 SP$40.00
Winchester Deer Season150 XP$51.00
Monarch170 FSP$22.99
  Sellier & Bellot150 SP$45.00
Privi Partizan PPU150 FNSP$37.00
Hornady Interlock150 RN
Fiocchi170 FSP$305.00

Is Buying An Expensive 30-30 Ammo Worth It? 

Yes. According to several experts buying an expensive 30-30 ammo worth it. Because this ammo not only provides accuracy but also has higher velocity, longer effective range and flatter trajectory.

Still, some others don’t recommend buying it. Basically buying it or not totally depends on users personal choice and satisfaction. But there are several reasons which make it worth buying. Here are those:

More accurate

Amongst the biggest benefit of using an expensive 30-30 ammo is that it’s typically more accurate than cheaper ones. 

Basically this ammo is made with higher quality components, such as: better bullets and powder. As a result, any shooter can be more confident that their shots will be on target.

Higher velocity

The .30-30 Winchester’s 150 grain bullet has a muzzle velocity of 2390 FPS (feet per second) and energy 1920 ft-Ib. And its 160 grain bullet offers 2400 FPS and 1920ft-Ib of energy.

Though this is considered a moderate velocity for a rifle cartridge, it’s sufficient enough for hunting animals at short to medium ranges.

But some of its competitors (like: .308 Winchester and the .30-06 Springfield) offer higher velocity than 30-30 but they also have a higher recoil. That’s why 30-30 is worth buying.

Flatter trajectory

30-30 is also well known for its flat trajectory. This means that this bullet does not drop as quickly as some other cartridges over long distances. 

As a result it becomes a great choice for hunters who need to achieve accurate shots at distances of up to 200 yards. 

Besides, it’s also a good choice for beginners who may not be as experienced in judging bullet drop.

Mild recoil

When it comes to recoil, the .30-30 ammo is generally considered to have mild recoil compared to many other rifle cartridges. 

Typically when a 150 grain bullet is fired at 2390 feet per second (730 m/s) from a 7.5 pound (3.4 kg) rifle, the felt recoil is about 10.6 foot-pounds (14.4 J). Compared to a similar .30-06 Springfield rifle, the .30-30 has far less recoil.

Some Best And Affordable Ammo For 30-30

In recent years as a newbie you might become confused while buying 30-30 Ammo because there are several brands and types of ammunition out there.

 Some are expensive though they perform better, on the other hand the cheaper ones perform worse. 

But there are some 30-30 Ammo which are not only affordable but also best and perform much better.

Here are those and their details:

NameWeightTypeMuzzle Velocity
Remington CORE-LOKT170 GrainsCore-Lokt Soft Point2200 FPS
Winchester Super-X Power Point170 grainsPower Point2200 FPS
Winchester Deer Season XP150 grainsExtreme Point2390 FPS
Hornady LEVERevolution140 grains (MonoFlex) or 160 grains (FTX)MonoFlex or Flex Tip Expanding (FTX)2500 FPS (MonoFlex) or 2400 FPS (FTX)
Federal Non-Typical Whitetail150 GrainsSoft Point Flat Nose (SPFN)2390 FPS


After reading till now you might have some unanswered questions in your mind. So to get those answers read this FAQ section. Here we tried our best to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Who Makes 30-30 Ammo?

There are several brands who produce 30-30 ammo. Among them the most popular brands are Winchester, Federal’s Fusion, Barnes Bullets’ Triple-Shock X (TSX), Fiocchi, Remington, etc.

Is 30-30 A Good Defense Round?

Yes. The .30-30 Winchester is a powerful round and quite effective for self-defense purposes. Because it offers moderate power and impressive accuracy within close to medium ranges. However while choosing ammunition, it is important to consider specific scenarios and personal preferences.

Why 30-30 Is Hard To Find?

30-30 ammo is hard to find because of the ongoing ammunition shortage, fluctuating demand, shifting consumer preferences towards more modern rifle calibers and many more. But some experts believe that this shortage will go away soon. 

Final words:

Finally selecting the right bullet involves understanding the characteristics of different bullets, their prices, performance, environmental, and personal factors. 

According to experts, a 150-grain bullet is suitable for smaller to medium-sized deer at moderate to long ranges. 

And if you are hunting large game or in dense brush, it is best to use 170-grain bullets.