Why are Guns So Expensive? [The Real Truth]

Guns are becoming more expensive because they have a very complicated manufacturing process. Additionally, the high cost of materials & labor, inflation, new taxes, and import duties affect the value.

Also, we’ve found throughout our research the consecutive spike in steel prices made gun costs more.

However, everything has its own price, including guns. And you have to pay to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm’s way or to hunt your prized prey in a game.

why are guns so expensive?

Here’s a detailed explanation of each reason which makes firearms so expensive:

Manufacturing Process & Labor Cost 

The manufacturing process for guns is quite difficult and time-consuming. Also, guns need a variety of parts and skilled labor. 

As a user, We also require good quality steel, chrome lining, and robust firing pins, which aren’t cheap to come by.

Additionally, manufacturers make each of the parts individually, then assemble them together. 

So they need different types of labor for their operations, and Gun labor in the US is expensive.

For example, the Glock 19 has 35 different parts like a slide, barrel, spring cups, firing pin, etc. The company made each part separately and then put them together.

Each part has to be perfect because a tiny error in one part can put your life at risk while using the weapon. That’s the reason manufacturers employ skilled workers in their factories. 

And as we all know, skilled workers aren’t cheap to obtain.

Metal Price 

All guns need high-quality material, whether it’s steel, plastic, or any other metal. And these high-quality iron bars or steel cost more money than normal ones, making guns expensive.

Also, we suspect the gun price will increase again for the third consecutive surge in steel prices (according to the Thomas Report).

Additionally, the manufacturer needs to put chrome plating on the steel metal parts of your Guns to make them more sustainable. But chrome finishing isn’t cheap to come by. 


Various states have specific requirements for manufacturers to test the guns before selling them to any customer.

These tests have several layers, like durability tests, extreme environmental performance tests, etc., which are usually expensive and time-consuming.

And the manufacturers ultimately increase the overall gun price to make up for these costs. 

Demand-supply ratio 

You may think the high cost of manufacturing and raw materials ultimately increases the gun’s price. But that’s not the whole picture. The demand for firearms also plays a firm role in the equation.

When the demand for certain guns increases in the market, manufacturers increase the price of that product as well. 

This is because gun enthusiasts don’t settle for alternatives. For example, if you are a Glock fan, you will buy a Glock no matter what price you have to pay. And you won’t be interested in other, cheaper options. This tendency also plays a role in determining the gun’s price.

Marketing and Supply-chain

The gun’s price doesn’t only involve the raw material price or the labor cost. The marketing of the product and ensuring proper supply chain management also affect the price.

Because if no one knows about the product, they won’t buy it. So gun companies have to showcase their products on various platforms like gun shows, action scenes in high-budget movies, online advertisements, and YouTube reviews. 

And those types of PR marketing cost much more than any normal product. Because Guns are a very sensitive commodity for advertising, additionally, for foreign weapons, the shipping and logistics costs also affect the price.

Research and Development  

The Guns of the twenty-first century became the way they are through constant Research and evolution. 

Also, the R&D teams of different weapon companies continuously work to make the weapons even better.

But these kinds of studies cost a huge amount of money because you need engineers and experts from different fields. That’s why gun prices have become so high.


The Buying power of the dollar isn’t as great as it was in the 19th century. And the current inflation rate is 8.5 percent, which is almost a 2x increase over March 2021. So you have to pay a higher price than before to get the same firearm.

These are the main reasons why guns are so expensive on the market. Aside from these reasons, the unstable economy of Post-Covid also played a role in increasing gun prices in recent years.

How Much Money Do You Need to Own A Gun? 

As you now know, guns are expensive, You may wonder how much you have to pay to personally own a firearm. Well, I’ve got you covered here.

The costs mainly depend on what kind of firearm you consider buying. If you’re looking for a hunting rifle, you may need $700 for a decent option. 

But for a concealed handgun, the price starts at $200 and goes up to $800 to get a proper piece. And for AR-15 and shotguns, you need about $600 to $750.

Follow this section to know the price requirements of well-known gun categories:

Hunting Rifle

You need to spend $500 on average to buy a decent hunting rifle. Because the common rifle usually costs $350 to $450, and you have to spend an additional $50 to $100 on scopes. 

However, a $750 Hunting Rifle can give you much better performance than the lower ones.


A basic AR rifle typically costs between $500 and $750. Anything lower than 500 has plastic parts, so you should avoid them. 

However, when you go into the $1000 price range, you get a more durable, and reliable automatic with adequate features.


If you are hunting a big game, you should at least spend $500 to get a decent price. But usually, hunters pay $700 to $1000 to get a decent Shotgun in their arsenal.


You can easily get a dependable Hi-Point pistol for under $200  if you just want to protect yourself. 

However, I recommend you spend $500 on a pistol. It will give you a nice, well-burnished piece with great reliability. But for a good competition pistol, you need $800–$1000.

However, you should do research before purchasing any firearms. Who knows, You can get a surprisingly good deal through your research. You can also follow the tips in the below section to get a good deal on firearms.

How Can You Get A Good Deal on Firearms? 

If you want a good price on the firearm of your choice, you should follow some tips. Here are some tips that you should follow to get a good price:

  • Be patient and look for Sales and promotional offers.
  • Don’t fixate on a specific model. Check out similar products from other companies and compare them with your choice.
  • Research online marketplaces and auction sites before buying any piece.
  • Go to Gun Shows or similar events for better prices.
  • Consider buying a used piece.


As someone who has a concern about the gun’s price, you should consider learning some frequently asked questions. It will help you understand more about the gun’s price status with additional information. Here are some FAQs for you:

Will gun prices go down soon?

No, as the economy and inflation are looking, there aren’t any possibilities of lowering the gun price in the near future.

Why are guns so valuable?

Guns are valuable commodities because of their complicated manufacturing process, high cost of materials and workers, inflation, taxes, and import duties on foreign parts.

Are guns worth the investment?

Yes, owning vintage or antique guns can be a valuable investment and sell for a much higher price as time passes. Because collectors pay a hefty amount for a vintage Colt or Winchester rifle.


And there you have it. After reading this article, I’m sure you know the core reason behind the high pricing of firearms. However, you can save some decent bugs if you consider buying a 2nd-hand piece. 

There are various auction sites like GunBroker that sell very good-conditioned used firearms. But make sure to check them before buying. And if you don’t know how you should bring along some experts with you.