Why Is The Winchester 9422 So Expensive?

Whether you are into professional silhouette shooting or are a collector, the Winchester 9422 will catch your eye.

The Winchester 9422 is quite an expensive model in the current market. It is mainly due to its limited quantity, superb material quality, and popularity in rifle shooting sports. 

Apart from this, this lever-action rifle is loaded with a mount scope feature for increased accuracy. But the real question lies, is the gun worth its expense?

What is so special about the Winchester 9422 rifle?

Winchester 9422 began its manufacturing journey in 1972 and became an instant hit among Westerners. Unlike its predecessors, the rifle came with a scope mount for increased accuracy.

Here is a detailed list that we have gathered listing the special features of the Winchester 9422 rifle: 

  • The 9422 model weighs around 6lbs (pounds) which is 2-3 pounds lighter than an average typical rifle.
  • Winchester used a tubular magazine that could fire 0.22 Long Rifle, 0.22 Long, and 0.22 Short of 15, 17, and 21 rounds respectively.
  • This model has a foldable rear semi-buckhorn along with an adjustable front sight scope. The scopes increase the accuracy of the rifle within 25-50 yards.
  • The lever action acts as a mechanism for the bullet cartridge from the tubular magazine to the firing chamber of the Winchester 9422 model.
  • All of these wonderful features allowed the Winchester 9422 rifle to sell about 800,000 models in its time of production.

Apart from all the glorious features of the 9422 model, the previous Winchester rifles have been used in historical wars like World War I, World War II, Balkan Wars, etc. This makes their name quite notable in the rifle industry.

Why is the Winchester 9422 so expensive?

The Winchester 9422 is a magnificent rifle provided with its accuracy and capability of shooting multiple rounds of bullets. They do contribute to the expense of this famous silhouette rifle.

But they are not the only factor, the halt in its production plays quite an important role.

Halt of the Winchester 9422 production 

The 9422 model of the Winchester rifle stopped its production in the 2005s. The main reason for its discontinuity lies in the company’s cost problems.

When the rifle was brought out in 1972, there was a ‘buzz’ in the market causing the sales to skyrocket. But, as years passed by and when the pieces of machinery started to deplete, the companies were put in a tough position.

After seeing that the replaced equipment would cost more, the Winchester Repeating Arms was forced to shut down its production.

The material quality of the Winchester 9422 

Winchester 9422 is well-known for its durability and functionality.

According to the gun experts, they stated that if they had to keep a gun for the rest of his life, it would have to be the 9422 model.

Even after continuous use, the lever action still creates a clean, continuous, clicking sound. The metals and wood pieces would rarely get damaged.

As a result, it is highly accredited by rifle critics, increasing the value of the Winchester 9422.

Famous silhouette rifle shooting: Winchester 9422 

The Winchester 9422 was well-known among many Westerners for being their first rifle when they were introduced to rifle shooting. Fathers would purchase this rifle to introduce their children to the world of rifle shooting.

Nowadays, this gun is widely used in the world of silhouette rifle shooting. 9422 shoots fairly accurately and has a lesser recoil compared to its earlier Winchester models.

How much does the Winchester 9422 model cost? 

The Winchester 9422 models’ prices aged like fine wine. Currently, the model is priced at $1300 on average. If you are looking to purchase a used model, you can grab it for 700 to 800 dollars.

Also, the price of the model would vary with the condition of the rifle. If the condition is crisp, prices would rise to $1500. Poor conditions could even allow you to get to around 500 dollars.

Here is a list of the estimated price of the Winchester 9422 model.

Great $780$1000$1200

The prices could decrease if you are attempting to purchase a 9422 from an auction. If you are lucky you could get your hands on a Winchester 9422 good condition model for $700.


We hope that the article was able to clear out all your queries regarding the topic. Here is an FAQ section about the Winchester 9422 that you might have.

When did Winchester stop making the 9422?

The Winchester 9422 discontinued its production in 2005 due to budget and materials shortage issues. However, its popularity remained even after its discontinuation.

When did Winchester start making the 9422?

The first model of the Winchester 9422 was released in 1972, designed to target the audience of lever-action rifles. Its original design, accuracy, and feed system allowed the 9422 model to rise in popularity.

What is the rarest Winchester rifle?

The rarest Winchester rifle would be the Winchester 1873 model as only 132 models were made. Until today, only 6 models are known to exist, while others are lost.

Which country made the Winchester 9422?

The United States was where the Winchester rifle manufacturing took place. The Winchester produced many iconic rifles like the 9422 model that were widely loved by many.

Are the Winchester rifles still made today?

Unfortunately, no! 9422 stopped its production in 2005 due to budget constraints. If you are interested in buying one today, you could contact a collector or look into your nearby auction place.


The Winchester 9422 is a precious model to many rifle collectors. If you get your hands on one, make sure to take good care of it. Remember to oil and clean the barrels every 14 days.

Take out the lever-action rifle now and then and head over to any rifle shooting range for testing. We hope that you have a wonderful time with the Winchester 9422.