How to Sleep Camping Without a Tent?

Camping is an adventure, but camping without a tent sounds more adventure and few people like it. The tent is the number one equipment for camping but is it possible to do it? Yes, possible. If you are someone like me who like to see stars and sky, you will love camping without a tent.

Here I am going to share my favorite tent alternative for camping if you are planning to go camping without a tent don’t stop reading.

How to Sleep Camping Without a Tent?


The hammock is usually one of my favorite choices for camping. I have been using hammock most of the time for the last ten years. That’s why I listed it first on this list of the alternative of a tent for camping. I love hammock because it allows you to see the sky and stars in the night.

If you are looking for a great alternative for a tent, then hammock could be the best option for you. For camping with a hammock, you should choose a place where tress is available to attach your hammock. You have to make sure that the speed of the wind in your camping area is not so high.

Nowadays hammock comes with mosquito netting, and you can take one of these mosquito nettings if your camping area has a lot of mosquitoes.

Bivy Bag

Bivy bag is another excellent alternative of a tent for camping. Bivy bag is a cross between a tent and sleeping bag. Bivy bag is made of waterproof and breathable material. It will also protect you from bugs and elements. This tent alternative has enough sleeping space for one person. To get more comfortable sleep, you can add your sleeping bag inside the bivy bag. You can’t store your other necessary equipment in the bivy bag.

Bivy bag is very lightweight, and if you are concerned about the weight, then you can go with it without any hesitation. There are several reasons to consider bivy bag as an alternative to the tent such as bivy bags are compact and lightweight, and you can carry it without any hassle, for camping with a hammock you need some knowledge of knot tying but when it comes to bivy bag, you can easily set up and take down it. 

When you are camping with bivy bag make sure that you install it in a higher place.


Do you like to go miles away for hiking and don’t care about your comfortless? If yes, then tarp is the ultimate tent alternative for you.

Tarp is made of waterproof material, but it is not waterproof as a tent. Tarp will protect you from rain, but it will not protect you from the heavy wind. The tarp is ideal for sleeping in the cold less night. It is not impossible to use a tarp in cold night, but in this case, you have to use a good sleeping bag and pad. I advise you not to use a tarp at bad weather condition whether it is too rainy or too cold.

A tarp is as lightweight as bivy bag but you can move inside a tarp. While installing a tarp make sure that installing it in an area where have some protection from wind.

Build your Own Shelter

You may have seen on the television in survival life programs that people like bear grylls make their shelter and you can also make your own shelter like them. The option of making your shelter is another popular alternative to the tent. Many adventurists love to make their shelter instead of carrying a shelter with them and so that they can protect their needed equipment like sleeping bag, backpacks, survival gears even best recreational kayak.

Making your shelter instead of carrying a tent with you have some advantages like, you don’t need to take the extra weight of a tent, you can easily make a shelter from available material, this type of shelter also provides excellent visual concealment.

So how can I build my shelter for camping? There are few things you can make on your own as an alternative of tent such as leaf hut, trench shelter, bough bed, quinzhee, etc.

If you are planning for camping without a tent and wanted to make your shelter, then you have to take anti bugs material with you because when you are sleeping on the ground or your own made shelter, you are exposed to bugs.

Here Are a Few Things you Should Consider While Sleeping on The Ground Camping

  • When you are sleeping on the ground camping make sure that your campsite is slightly on the higher ground so that water can run away from your sleeping area.
  • It is always helpful to use some kind of floor so that you can preserve your body heat.

Tips for Tentless Camping

Here are some tips for you for tentless camping

  • When you are planning for camping without a tent, choose your camping site carefully.
  • Make sure that you take all the necessary equipment with you such as bug nets, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, extra tarps, etc.
  • Prepare a backup sleeping place. For tentless camping, you have to make a backup sleeping place because unexpected things can happen and you may need to sleep in that backup sleeping place.

Sleeping Outside Without a Tent Disadvantage

Besides the advantages of camping without a tent, there are also disadvantages of camping without a tent. Here are a few disadvantages of camping without a tent.

  • Safety is the main issue which you will compromise if you camp without a tent. Camping without a tent means you are exposed to dangerous insects such as the mosquito. 
  • You will feel less comfortable sleeping without a tent.
  • In bad weather condition, you will face more challenges if you go camping without a tent.

Sleeping Outside Benefits Without a Tent

Sleeping outside your bedroom is not just a matter of relaxing; it has health benefits too. So let’s discuss the benefits of sleeping outside of your home.

  • There is a big difference in air quality between in your home and outside. If you sleep outside your home, you will get more fresh air than in your house. Research found that our brain works better in the fresh air.
  • If you sleep outside of your home that can solve your sleeping problem.
  • All have stress in their life, and we want to get relief from the stress. Study found that outside nature helps to reduce stress.


In this post, I try to share my experience on how to sleep outside without a tent. I have provided some best alternative of the tent for sleeping outside. If I missed one leave a comment below and I will add that in the post.