Fun Outdoor Games For Large Groups

Do you agree with me if I said life is useless without entertainment? I am sure you will agree with me on this fact. In this modern world, there are different ways to entertain yourself, but group games are more than just entertainment. If you are looking for fun outdoor games for large groups? Then you land in the right place. Here I am going to share my favorite outdoor group games for both kids and adult. So to select the suitable outdoor group games for yourself continue reading is suggested.

Best Fun Outdoor Games For Large Groups

  • Fun outdoor games for adults

Flag Football

When group games come to mind, it is flag football which is the most exciting game I would love to play. You can play flag football with your kids and friends. Just make the team and start playing. So why you are waiting for? Let’s play flag football.


This list can’t be completed without soccer. Many people think soccer is the real football game. You can play soccer in any open place. You don’t need an exact number of player for playing this game. Soccer can enhance the level of enjoyment in the family reunion and picnics. Soccer also helps to increase our fitness level.

Foot Golf

If soccer is not interesting to you here is another exciting game that may be interesting to you. Foot golf is the game combination of soccer and golf. You may be laughing knowing about this game, but it’s true that it is a popular game played by many people every year. Are you worried about buying expensive golf equipment? Stop worrying; I am telling you to stop worrying about expensive golf equipment because to play footgolf you don’t need to buy any costly golf equipment. You can enjoy full fun of golf with just a football.

Foot Races

Are you looking for new friends in your real-life rather than online? If yes, then foot race can be an ideal game for you. The foot race is a great way to interact with new people. I can say you from my foot race experience that I made most friends at one time in a foot race than facebook.

Kayaking and Canoeing

It is time to talk about some game that doesn’t need to run so much. Am I tried to talking about those games which required running? No, I am not, but you will be tried if you play those games. So let’s talk about some games that don’t require running so much. Kayaking and canoeing is not the game for making six-pack, but this game can give you a lot of enjoyment. Kayaking and canoeing help us because it gives us a chance to interact with nature.

Fishing Tournaments

Fishing tournaments and get together are a great way to meet new people. You can find a fishing tournament in most of the places, or you can arrange a fishing tournament with your local church. If you love fishing, then fishing tournaments could be the ideal group games for you.

Large group games for kids

Capture the Flag REDUX

Capture the flag Redux is my another choice in the list of top most fun outdoor games. If you ask me about capture the red flag redux I will say this is the right group game for playing in the darkness. Flag football and capture the flag redux are similar in their characteristics, and booth team defends their territory against each other. You can play this game in the darkness, but you can’t play flag football in the dark, this is the advantage of playing capture the flag redux over flag football.

Ping pong:

Do you know why it’s called ping pong? Ping pong is the sound which comes out when you hit ping pong ball with a ping pong bat and this game named after it.

Ping pong is one of the most popular indoor game in the modern day world. You will need Ping Pong ball, table, net to start playing this. You need to pick quality ping pong table to play this game well. Ping pong also is known as table tennis, but there is a little bit of difference between ping pong and table tennis. In ping pong, the ball needs to touch the table on both sides of the fence. On the other hand in the table tennis ball need to touch only one side of the table. Ping pong is played by two or four people.

Dodge ball

Dodgeball is the game that I played most in high school. When I am talking about this game, my golden days are floating in front of my eyes. Dodgeball is an excellent entertaining group game to play with friends and family members. In this game two teams through ball and try to hit opponents while avoiding being hit themselves. Dodgeball played by a rubber ball.

Hide and seek

Here is the last one in my list of top outdoor group games which is called hide and seek. Hide and seek is a popular game loved by all kinds of people. In this game, everyone hides except one who is chosen to find other persons.

Get to know you games

Get to know you types of games are great for knowing each other. Here I am going to share my favorites get to know you games with you.

Spider Web Challenge: In this game, a team leader uses yarn to make a physical spider web. Members of a group share their life story while passing the yarn ball to each other.

20 Questions:20 question is one of the most popular get to know game. In this game, people ask each other a list of 20 questions.

Interviews: This get to know you games is similar to 20 question game. You will love this game if you have a passion for becoming a TV reporter. This game is all about asking a question such as what is your favorite sports and why?

Final words

Outdoor group games are a great way to interact with other people and learn new things from them. In this article, I share my most favorite outdoor group games. Tell me which one is your favorite outdoor group games in the comment box.