Where is The Best Place to Shoot a Deer kill in One-Shot?


One shot kill is the common goal of every good hunter just like an army person. This type of action increases the success rate. As a hunter, one shot kill is one of the most important steps for you. In the case of normal shooting, the game animal can run away from you as well as there is a high chance to hurt the animal very badly. So, always trying to know where is the best place to shoot a deer kill in one-shot?
With one lung shot, deer killing depends on multiple factors. These are bullet type, meat volume, distance, and off course the skill of the hunter. For this reason, you must have the clear idea about the animal from distance. It is important to place the gun correctly to get a clean shot.

Why One Shot Kill is Important?

One shot kill is an evergreen hot topic in the case of hunting. Because of increasing efficiency in hunting it is necessary for the hunter. If you can do the one shot kill, it will save your time, effort, bullet, and money as well as success rate. Your hunting will be more enjoyable. In the case of normal shooting, there always are some chances to fail. The animal can run away, their body can receive worse hurts in the case of normal Importance of the GPS on the Hunting Process.
If the game animal gets too many hurts or spots on his body, no doubt the hunting will not beneficial for the hunter. Unwisely shooting can effect on the other unexpected species of nature. We have to show respect for life. One shot killing kills immediately. So, the animal suffers less than the normal shooting process. It also helps to less meat loss.

Best Place to Shoot a Deer kill in One-Shot

For killing at one-shot, you must shot any of the vital organs of the game animal. Any strong attack on the vital organs can kill a deer with one-shot any living creature instantly. The main vital organs of an animal are heart, lung, head (brain), neck and shoulder. So, you can aim at those to kill deer in one-shot.
In the end, it is up to you to choose the type of shooting you need and feel comfortable. There are some hunters who respect the old rules of hunting. If you like the old rules of hunting, you can follow those also.

Heart Shot

This type of shooting is ideal for hunters who want to kill elk one- shot the animal instantly. If the shot can be right, the killing will more painless. Heart shot creates massive hemorrhage. You can follow the blood trail to locate the animal. The game animal will become tired or die eventually. It will not be difficult to find it.

Lung Shot

A bullet through the lungs shot deer can create an almost one-shot kill. In most cases, the animal may not die on the spot. Seldom may it travel less or more 100 yards from the shooting point. The lungs also a comparatively large target. The lungs cover almost two-thirds of its chest area.

Head Shot

A direct hit on the head makes the instant dead to the animals. It helps to less meat loss because the head is the only damaged part. You can hit the head from multiple angles. The head is a small target comparatively. It is easy to miss the game animal entirely. The animal could move anytime without notice so you have to practice before doing this aim to kill in one-shot.

Neck Shot

This is one of the most favorites shot for the hunters because this hit can take down an animal without damaging a large amount of meat. The huge shock in the spinal cord kills a game animal instant. So, it is considered as a one -shot. This type of shooting is less hard than the other types. Here, it merely takes a second shot to finish the job.

High Shoulder Shot

This type of shooting needs a big and fast-moving bullet. The bullet will snap the spine and make short-circuit in the nervous system. It also breaks ribs and anchor. There is a large chance to damage a lot of meat in the high shoulder shot process. But the success rate is comparatively high.
Those areas are important organs for an animal hunting. Shooting on those areas directly effects on the blood circulation system and nervous system of the animal. As a result, the animal will die quickly. If you miss those areas at the time of the shooting, it will cost a lot. So, be enough confident is more important for this type of shooting.

Shooting Process

Practicing with Broadheads

This is must for all hunters need a hunting place. Since the one-shot focus points are small areas, before hunting you have to practice well. For the different type of hunting, you need the different type of broadheads. Achieving confidence in your broad-heads shooting, your success rate will increase in the animal hunting. So, practicing is very important to kill in one-shot.

Get a Higher Position

It is always advantageous for a hunter to shot from a high position. So, it is important to practice from a high position also. Normally the hunter shot the animal from a tree stand or behind a big stone. It also ensures the safety. Get a higher position is an ideal step but it is not always necessary for hunting.

Bullet Placement

Selecting the best rifle for hunting, bullet and cartridge are one the most important steps in hunting. When you are going to do one-shot, the one and only important factor are bullet placement. You need to choose the suitable bullet, the cartridge for the selective organ to shot. For example, a .243 bullet is suitable for the heart or lungs shooting deer.


It is the next step after the accurate bullet placement comes. Marksmanship depends on your imagination capacity. You must try to put the bullet in the right point but you need to aware of your own limitations as a marksman. A good hunter always hit when he is extremely sure of the accurate placement of the hit. So, the idea about the marksmanship is necessary.

Shot from the Best Angle

You may not find the animal in certain position always. So, it is important to choose some best hunting shooting positions. For this reason, you have to practice from different angles of shooting. It also important to visualize the path of the bullet. Shot from the best angle ensure the right bullet placement as well as marksmanship. It is also an ideal step for saving more meat.

Safety Issues

Safety is always first and foremost thing for any kind of work. For a risky task like list of hunting gear, it will be more necessary for your betterment.

  • Wear the suitable lightweight dress. The heavy dress is less suitable than a lightweight dress.
    Take proper eye and head protection.
  • Put leather gloves on your hands.
  • Always beware about your best rifle and shooting. It can hurt you as well as other people.
  • Don’t get too much closer to the game animals. This step can bring the serious problem. So, don’t do it.
  • Beware about your standing shooting positions. Because it is the most important steps for your safety.
  • Take emergency tools with you. Those tools will help in the time of emergency situations.
  • Bring a satellite phone with you. You can call for emergency help anytime and from anywhere by using it.
  • Don’t make your camp under the big trees and beside the cliffs.
  • Don’t hurt more than you are permitted. Because too much hunting is bad for the ecosystem.
  • Wait for the suitable time for hunting and fishing. Otherwise, your hunting may not become successful.


One-shot kill is a dreamy task for the hunters. But for this reason, the shooting needs to be perfect. So, proper practice is must for the one-shot shooting process. Otherwise, this type action can bring some serious problems for a hunter. This type of shooting very beneficial for the hunters. Killing an animal by giving less pain is a kinder manner.
Every good result comes by hard works. This can be a little difficult for some person because the vital organs of the game animal are quite small. But it will result in great success. This process will save meat of the animal hunting, bullet, time etc. So, knowing where is the best place to shoot a deer kill in one-shot is a must have knowledge for the hunters.