Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera Troubleshooting: Problem & Solutions

Now a days wild photography is one of the popular hobbies among all of the animal hunters. Wild photography plays the pretty important role in making documents on animals and birds. All the people who roam around woods and jungles usually use the trail camera. The fact to mention here is often times people have to face problems with these cameras.

We have analyzed and sorted out that most of the wildgame innovations sd card viewer problems can be solved easily. But, due to lack of sufficient instructions many returns to their place from deer hunting if they got troubles to their trail camera.

However, if you could think on the cool head you would have solved this troubleshooting. So our today’s guideline is for those who fall in problems with their trail camera. We would like to discuss some common troubleshoots in this camera today and along with this, we would also provide wildgame innovations trail camera instructions on how to fix those. We hope our guideline will do a lot for you. So let us start our main discussion without any delay or you can check trail camera reviews to find your best one.

Common Wildgame Innovations Troubleshoot of a Trail Camera

Trail cameras are usually used to take photographs in a remote or automatic way. And since the camera is not in the hands of the person, the problem often arises while taking pictures. That is why photography gets interrupted. Troubleshoots that occur in trail cameras are mostly the same. For that reason, we will identify those and discuss the solution. Now take a look at the common wildgame innovations sd card viewer problems.

#1 Troubleshoot in the Display

It is often seen that the trail camera display does not work perfectly. The display is totally off or it does not get the light. Once it is on it again gets blurred. Then the owner of the camera thought that the display got out of order. If you are having such problems, then we would tell you do not worry and just follow our suggestions.


  1. Many times the memory card locked the entire camera. Then the display does not work properly. Firstly, reset the camera by formatting the memory card. Then put the card again.
  2. Check if there is enough charge on the battery. If there is no charge on the battery, the camera often times remains somehow on but the display does not work. Replace the battery, but do not use rechargeable battery by any mistake.

#2 Troubleshoot in Saving Photos

You set the camera somewhere and went around happily. But after a while, you checked the camera and found out none of the pictures were saved. At that time you would surely want to break everything into pieces. Have a look at our solution when you face such problems.


  1. Check if your SD card has sufficient space or not. The pictures will not be saved if there is no space.
  2. Check whether the SD card is compatible with the camera or not.
  3. Check if the SD card is attached on the slot properly or not. Apart from this, you can format it.

#3 Troubleshoot Regarding the Lighting in the Photos

It is hard to find anyone who is with wild photography but had not this problem. This is not a fault of the camera but rather it is the setting problem.


Look at your camera exposure scale, there is the plus on one side and minus on the other side. There is a marker in the scale that indicates the correct exposure position. Keep the marker to the side of plus sign if the picture does not get the lighting so that the picture will be much bright.

#4 Troubleshoot in the Display Blinking

It is often seen that the display starts blinking. Do not be disturbed by such problems. The solution to this problem is at your fingertips.


Open the memory card and format it or get a new one.

Still, the Problem Exists?

If you do not get results even after going through the solutions we have provided, then most probably your camera has physically defected. In this situation, your camera needs servicing. If you have the warranty, take it to the company service center and if you do not have the warranty, repair it from a good servicing center.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, we have been able to provide sufficient information regarding troubleshooting solution of the trail camera. Among lots of problems, we have discussed and provided the solution for most common wildgame innovations sd card viewer problems that are happening usually. We believe that our today’s wildgame innovations trail camera instructions will help you a lot in your wild photography. In the end, we would be happy that if any of our solutions offer you benefits.