Why Is the Ruger Bearcat So Expensive? [Explained]

Since it arrived in 1958, the Ruger Bearcat has held its reputation as one of the most classical revolvers, especially among hikers. Now, to have a Ruger Bearcat revolver, you need to spend a good amount of money, around $900, for a .22 caliber. 

But, why is the Ruger Bearcat so expensive now? The scarcity of supply is the primary factor contributing to the high price of the Ruger Bearcat. You can consider the Ruger Bearcat as one of the rarest single-action revolvers. Enriched history is another reason why its price is high. 

But will the Ruger Bearcat be worth it for you? Or, what can gratify you to spend more on this revolver? 

Why Is Ruger Bearcat So Expensive?

The Ruger Bearcat was manufactured by Sturm, Ruger & Co. The company is well known for making high-class revolvers with advanced safety features. 

Once the pricing of the Ruger Bearcat was standard. But as the day passed, the prices climbed up so high. 

1. Rarity of the Revolvers 

Even though the manufacturer of the Ruger Bearcat is still not banned from manufacturing a revolver, you can’t find it easily on the market. 

Again, this is also true that there is not a high production of the Ruger Bearcat in the market. There are only two variants of the Ruger Bearcat revolvers are roughly available. 

Some have very limited stocks, and some are currently not available in the market. Moreover, due to marketing mistakes, Ruger Bearcat’s production was not stopped from 1974 to 1994. 

And that’s another core reason for the scarcity of the Ruger Bearcat Revolvers. Less product plays a crucial role in raising the price level.

2. High Demand

There is always a high demand for the Ruger Bearcat on the market. Why? The elegant look of the revolvers and Impressive safety features make that happen. 

Plus, people tend to own real and collectible objects, as always. And in the case of the Ruger Bearcat, there is no exception.

The .22 LR cartridge and the barrel length of 4.20″ make the revolvers convenient, easy to shoot, and considered suitable for hikers. 

And that’s another key point why there is a huge demand for the Ruger Bearcat revolvers.

According to the economics formula, the price goes up as there is less supply of the Ruger Bearcat compared to demand. 

More people want to buy the Ruger Bearcat but can’t get it due to scarcity, so they need to bear the high cost. 

But, still, we haven’t seen the manufacturer take any further steps to meet that high demand. Therefore, if the situation remains the same, the price of the Ruger Bearcat will be higher. 

3. High-Quality Materials 

We don’t believe that the Ruger Bearcat has always been hyped. Instead, Ruger Bearcat revolvers have their reputations as high quality and durable. 

Thanks to the materials like stainless steel and the aluminum alloy used to make the Ruger Bearcat. 

And when you want to purchase such a high classic single-action revolver, it makes all the sense in the world that you need to spend more money, as you are supposed to have more value.

The manufacturer has to bear high costs to make revolvers with high-quality materials. And that’s why we see the high price tags on the Ruger Bearcat revolvers. 

How Much Does Bearcat Cost?

The manufacturer has introduced different variants of Ruger Bearcat. And based on the model, the price range varies. So, now let’s look at the price table of some Ruger Bearcat firearms. 

Models PricesBarrel Length

Why Is Ruger Bearcat So Popular Despite the Higher Price Tag?

Ruger Bearcat revolvers are now on the list of more expensive resolvers. But, even if the Ruger Bearcat comes with higher price tags, the popularity of the gun has remained the same. 

But have you ever wondered what motivates people to purchase Ruger Bearcat single-action revolvers?

Brand Reputation 

The Sturm, Ruger & Co is a widely known manufacturer among gun and revolvers enthusiasts. 

And that’s the reason the popularity of the American firearm manufacturing company is at the next level. 

Needless to say, people want to have branded products. Therefore, when it comes to owning a revolver as a sign of pride, going with a top brand like Ruger Bearcat makes too much sense. Doesn’t it? 

Apart from Ruger Bearcat, the company has also manufactured some other exceptional firearms. To name a few, Ruger Mark IV, and Ruger AR – 556 are among the popular ones. 

Owners of these firearms often prefer others to have Ruger Bearcat. Plus, the enriched history of the brand incites me to go with it!

Impressive Features

Buying a Ruger Bearcat is worth it! Thanks to the impressive features offered by the manufacturer with the single-action firearms. 

Other than that, you mightn’t hear the name ‘Ruger Bearcat’ as you hear it now.

In 1974, Ruger introduced the renowned safety system called ‘transfer bar’ with the Ruger Bearcat firearms, which created a lot of hype then. 

The transfer bar safety system can abstain the gun from uneven shooting unless you pull the trigger. 

And according to firearm enthusiasts, the safety system is one of the key selling points that has increased the popularity of Ruger Bearcat over the years.

In addition, the impressive rosewood grips make the firearm more convenient to use. 

Plus, you can have 6 rounds capacity, another noteworthy point of a single-action firearm. The particular firearm also comes with adjustable sights.

Here you can check the review of one of the Ruger Bearcats to enrich your knowledge about the revolvers.

3 Comparable Alternatives to Ruger Bearcat Revolver

You can choose similar alternatives if you are not interested in the Ruger Bearcat revolvers. 

And the revolutions we choose here will almost deliver what you expect from the Ruger Bearcat!

1. Taurus Tracker .22 LR Revolver

If you are fond of the .22 LR revolver and looking for something like the Ruger Bearcat,  you can have the Taurus Tracker .22 LR revolver. 

You can have this fascinating revolver for only $639.45. The revolver comes with black ribbed rubber, which gives you a lot of ease. 

2. Ruger Single Six

This particular model of revolver also comes with the caliber of .22 LR. In addition, the capacity round of the firearm is also similar to the Ruger Bearcat, which is 6. Priced at $799.00, this can also be a decent alternative to Ruger Bearcat. 

3. Colt Peacemaker 

Here you go, another popular single-action revolver. It comes with the all-important.22 LR caliber. 

In addition, you can also have a 6-round capacity with the particular revolver. Plus, the appearance of the Colt Pacemaker is also quite similar to the Ruger Bearcat. 

The prices of these revolvers may change based on factors like the seller, condition, capacity, and models. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

We have come across some common questions people ask about Ruger Bearcat. Here, we will let you know some with short answers. Let’s explore!

What Year Was Ruger Bearcat Made?

The Ruger Bearcat was first made in 1958. But from 1974 to 1993, there were no productions of the Ruger Bearcat. Since 1994, we have seen the production of Ruger Bearcat once again! We’ve seen 3 issues of Ruger Bearcat so far.

What Is the Difference Between the Ruger Bearcat and the Super Bearcat?

The weight is the key difference between the Ruger Bearcat and Super Bearcat. The Ruger Bearcat is lighter than the Super Bearcat. Additionally, the Super Bearcat comes with a steel frame. The Ruger Bearcat comes with an aluminum alloy frame. 

Is a Ruger Bearcat Really Worth It?

Yes, considering the brand value and performance, it can be said that the Ruger Bearcat is really worth it. Then again, you can go with other alternatives too. But, the Ruger Bearcat attracts with classical design and convenience of use.

Final Words

You may need to spend a lot of money to purchase a Ruger Bearcat. Yes, if you think the price is too much from your perception, you’re always welcome to go with other alternatives. 

But then again, the Ruger Bearcat is really a value for money! It’s all about your personal preference as well.