Why Is 243 Ammo So Expensive? [Truth Revealed]

How much will you be ready to pay for 243 Ammo? Yes, the excessive price range of Ammo creates the scenario where hunters or target shooters have to rethink buying the ammunition. But why is Ammo 243 so expensive?

The 243 Ammo, also known as .243 Winchester, is expensive due to its supply shortage. Compared to high demand, the supply is too low. Additionally, the high production cost makes it a diamond in the rough. Plus, a few more valid reasons.

Here, we will dive deep and discover why you might spend more on 243 Ammo and why people still go for it despite having a high price tag. 

Why Is 243 Ammo So Expensive?

Having a proper combination of the rifle and the right ammunition not only ensures you shoot at the right target but also enhances your hunting/shooting experience. 

The 243 ammo manufactured in 1955 by Winchester Repeating Arms Company became hard to afford. But why? 

1. Shortage in Supply

Like any other rifle cartridge, the shortage of 243 ammunition supply in the market has made it expensive. 

Moreover, the limited supply in the market is one of the prominent reasons why the price of the 243 cartridges is increasing. 

The truth is manufacturers are manufacturing the 243 Ammo rapidly on the market. 

Well, manufacturers along with Winchester, like Norma, Barness, and Swift, are producing the ammo 243. 

But they can’t ensure the smooth supply of the 243 ammo in the market. So, ammo 243 is now hard to find on the market due to limited production. 

On the other hand, the cartridge has a huge demand on the market. And that’s why you need to spend more money to have one, according to the law of supply and demand

2. High Production Cost 

Once the 243 was introduced, at that time, the rifle ammunition was pretty much affordable. And the reason behind this is the production cost at that time wasn’t so high. 

Now, the manufacturers have to deal with high production costs when meeting the demand for 243 Ammo on the market. Plus, the 243 Ammo is considered a premium type of ammunition. 

Moreover, the price of the components like primer, gunpowder, brass, etc, is increasing regularly. 

In addition, there is a lack of availability of raw materials on the market. And for that very reason, you need to pay around $0.80-$1.80 per round. 

What Is So Special About Expensive 243 Ammo?

There are people who, even if the price of the 243 Ammo is high, still go it when hunting deer, predators, or any other target shooting. 

And this makes too much sense because the 243 is still worth it. But have you ever wondered what are the factors behind this? 


According to a new number of shooters in the United States, the Ammo 243 is their very first cartridge to shoot a deer or other target. 

And this wouldn’t be true if the sporting rifle ammunition is inefficient. That’s the reason why the cartridge enjoys its reputation today! 

Thanks to the .308 casing and the higher quality components used to manufacture the 243 Ammo caliber, delivering consistent accuracy while shooting. 

Due to the light recoil of the cartridge, it can ensure high accuracy.  Do you want to see a review of the 243 Ammo? Check this video. 

Low Noise 

You may never prefer ammunition that makes a loud noise when you use it to shoot the target. The 243 Ammo lever makes a loud sound, another key selling point. 

And the biggest reason behind the low noise is because the caliber is small but in a standard size, which can cause low muzzle blast. Plus, the lower muzzle velocity can play a huge role here. 


The sporting rifle cartridge you tend to use should be durable enough. 

And here, the 243 can meet the demand because the ammunition is super durable, even if you compare it with the 223 Winchester. 

If you can maintain it properly, you can use it for many years without issues.

Different Variants 

Another key specialty is the 243 Ammo comes with several variants. 

So, depending on your need, you can use the particular 243 Ammo ammunition for several shooting purposes. 

To be more precise, the Ammo 243 can be different in; 

  • Weight.
  • Price.
  • Type of bullet. 
  • Muzzle energy.
  • Muzzle velocity and more. 

Where Are Expensive 243 Ammo Manufactured?

Now, there are a good number of brands manufacturing the expensive 243 Ammo. 

And based on the manufacturer’s location, the place where the expensive 243 Ammo is manufactured can vary. 

Let’s know some of the locations where the 243 Ammo is manufactured.

Manufacturer Location
Winchester Repeating Arms CompanyNew Haven, Connecticut
NoslerBend, Oregon.
Hornady Grand Island, Nebraska
RemingtonHuntsville, Alabama
SwiftLewiston, Idaho

3 Cost Effective Alternative of 243 Ammo

So you don’t want to spend too much money on the 243 Ammo and look for alternatives? Maybe or not! 

Well, fortunately, there are some good alternatives to 243 which you can also have in an affordable price range! 

.260 Remington 

The .260 Remington was introduced back in 1997. And the characteristic of this particular rifle cartridge is more than the 243 Ammo. 

The length of the bullet is 6.5 mm. You can use the .260 Remington for several hunting games as a decent alternative to 243 Ammo. 

.308 Winchester

This particular bullet came into light in 1952 and is considered the possible alternative to the 243 if you consider the price. 

It comes with a length of 7.62x51mm which is more than the 243 Ammo. And the price of the per-round bullet is $0.96 to $0.96, also less than the 243 Ammo. 

.30-06 Springfield Ammo

The . 30-06 Springfield rifle ammunition came to light in 1906. Initially, the. 30-60 was manufactured for military purposes. The cartridge has several lengths, but the most popular is 7.62×63 mm.

Even though the cartridge was made for war, it is still very popular in the hunting world. The price range of the. 30-06 Springfield is less than Ammo 243, which is around $1.05 per round. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

We’ve found out some of the common questions regarding the 243 Ammo. And then, we plan to share them with you here, including short answers! 

Is 243 Better Than 308? 

Depending on your hunting choice, the appropriate cartridge for you can vary. Both the 243 and 308 are impressive. But, if you are an experienced hunter, you can go with the 308. Otherwise, the 242 is good for you. 

What Caliber Is Bigger Than a 243?

There are quite a few calibers out there that are bigger than the 243. The 308 Ammo, 6.5 PRC, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 270 Winchester, .25-06 Remington are the most prominent. 

What Distance Can a 243 Shoot? 

The 243 Ammo is one of the decent ammunition for long-length shooting. Well, the 243 Ammo can roughly travel around 240-280 meters. Depending on the shooting techniques, the distance can vary. 

Final Words

Now you know why you might need to spend too much money on 243 Ammo compared to similar rifle ammunition. 

But considering the performance you can have from the 243, purchasing the cartridges seems worth it. 

Then again, there are always some alternatives you can go with if the price of the 243 seems excessive.