Why Are Norlund Axes So Expensive? The Real Reason 

Norlund Axes offers exceptional quality along with high-end service. Their mechanism speaks for itself. The manufacturer uses high-quality materials to make these axes sturdy, and well-functional.

So, if you are questioning why Norlund axes are so expensive, the main reason lies behind their build quality and material. Besides, being a well-reputed brand in the industry, they have a good brand value, which adds to the cost. 

Why Are Norlund Axes So Expensive? 

Norlund axes have been the first choice for many axe enthusiasts and professionals due to their functionality and build quality. 

They support amazingly well in works like chopping wood, forestry work, camping, and outdoor activities. 

However, here are some prominent reasons behind the high cost: 


Norlund axes are built out of high-quality and sturdy materials that last for a long time. 

Besides, they support good performance in any activity, even chopping wood. 

Both the head and handle of these axes are made out of first-rate materials. 

Mostly, they use high-carbon steel for their axe head and hardwood for the handle, which provides extended strength during the process. 


The best thing about this manufacturer is that their axes are mostly handcrafted. As skilled craftsmen deal with the whole building process, the axes undergo several tests. 

Also, the outcome comes out to be super strong, capable, and with the perfect finishing. They deal with shaping, forging, and design by paying attention to every detail. 

Narrow Production 

Norlund uses a clever marketing technique here. They often produce fewer axes than demand and focus on designs that are considered vintage. 

As a result, the limited supply catches consumers’ attention. Therefore, they are ready to pay a high price for the hard-to-find axes.

Brand Reputation

Norlund has been in the industry for so long and has established its territory in producing high-end axes. They are well-known for their contributions and well-crafted tools. 

As they have taken their customers’ trust to the next level, consumers don’t hesitate to pay them more for that brand image. 

Special Features 

Some Norlund axes come with special design features and functionalities that regular axes don’t offer. 

That captures the enthusiast’s attention, and they become interested in paying a high price. 

Besides, features like specific blade profiles, ergonomic handles, or embellishing attributes make the axes more demandable. 

Where Were Norlund Axes Made?

The axes are made in the Mann Edge Tool Co. factory in Lewistown, Pennsylvania. 

Since the first production, they have introduced 17 different patterns of axes, which are highly appreciated by enthusiasts.

What are Norlund Axes Used For? 

Like any other axe, they can do everything that an axe can do, and more. You will love the functionality these axes provide. Here are a few things that they do:

Wood Chopping

Norlund axes are made to chop or cut wood. The sharp, lasting steel blades offer super functionality when chopping wood. 

These axes are very handy for woodcutters and are used as a practical tool to cut trees, chop wood chunks, and prepare construction stuff. 

Forestry Work

Most forestry work is done with these axes. They function well in limbing, bucking, and shaping timber. 

The durability and efficiency offer ample support for heavy-duty logging activities. 

Besides, many professionals in the logging industry use these axes as a premium tool to process trees. 


Norlund axes help practitioners perform various survival tasks. Many popular survivalists have used these axes as their crafting tools. 

Even when they wanted to build shelters in the wild, they used a Norlund axe. 

Outdoor Activities 

Campers, hikers, and enthusiasts love using these axes for their outdoor activities. 

As these axes offer better service and functionality, they can do their tasks without wasting any time. 

They come in handy for clearing tracks, constructing shelters, building firewood, and lighting campfires.

Vintage Collection 

Many people have a special thing for vintage stuff. Norlund often makes axes that are vintage and premium, and while they are hard to find, they like to keep one in their collection as decorative pieces. 

Is Buying Expensive Norlund Axes Worth It?

You can’t spend a penny without knowing the proper functionality of these axes. 

From our expertise, we can say that buying one of these is totally worth the expense. Here are a few reasons why we suggest Norlund axes: 


The brand is known for its high-quality tools. As the axes are handcrafted with care, they offer better functionality. 

Skilled craftsmen build them with their expertise and knowledge to be highly dependable and worth the purchase. 


Norlund axes offer long-lasting operations. One axe can remain good for years, thanks to the craftsmanship. 

So, even if you spend a lot of money on it, you won’t have to buy another for the foreseeable future. 


These axes are super functional. They offer outstanding functionality in all kinds of chopping, logging, and forestry work. 

Buying them will be like getting a multi-functional axe that nothing else can beat. 

Brand Value

Lastly, we must mention again that Norlund has been in the industry for a long time. 

Thus, you can easily see their brand value and how people are sharing positive experiences with them. 

Final Words 

As we answered your query: Why are Norlund axes so expensive, you should already know how functional these axes can be. 

But our expertise says that if you are willing to buy it for small tasks, try cheaper alternatives. 

However, for professional woodwork or logging, the price that they ask for is quite justified if you analyze everything.