Why Are Bakelite Mags So Expensive? Know How Worth It Is!

Have you ever marveled at the mystique surrounding Bakelite magazines and wondered why they command such lofty prices? 

Bakelite mags are expensive due to their scarcity and high demand. The ban on Russian AK imports has created a limited supply, increasing the value of these iconic and desirable magazines.

Well, we’ll explore the reason and find out how they contribute to the higher price tag. So, prepare to uncover the secrets behind the allure of Bakelite magazines and understand why they continue to captivate collectors worldwide.

Why Are Bakelite Mags So Expensive? 

Once, the Bakelite magazine for AK47 was affordable. But, unfortunately, it has become a bit expensive in today’s American market. 

If you want to purchase a Bakelite magazine, you must pay around $100-$150. Now the question is, is it really worth it? 

Less Supply Compared to Demand

The bakelite mags are most famous for AK47 users. Due to their iconic look and super impressive durability, Americans have a huge attraction to them. 

And that’s why it makes too much sense that the demand for magazines is always higher. 

However, the supply system is not smooth for the Bakelite mags compared to demand. 

And one of the key reasons is that the supply of mags is officially banned from Russia. 

In this way, the Bakelite mag is now one of the rarest magazines to find in the American market and other regions. 

It seems like every AK47 user never minds paying for the Bakelite mags, but they can’t do so due to a lack of supply. 

And you know what happens when supply is less than demand. So, there is always a limited quantity available. 

In addition, we have also come to know that there is a false scarcity of bakelite mags. And that’s another core reason behind the price climbing up, according to Bakelite enthusiasts and experts.

Superficial Features

Let’s go beyond how the bakelite mags look. On top of that, due to their impressive features, the Russian bakelite magazines are loved and revered by the AK world. The most precious thing about Bakelite magazine is that it is lightweight. 

In addition, as it is classified as a thermoset, there is no question about the durability of the steel-ribbed magazine. The bakelite mags are super hard and that’s what all the warriors often prefer. 

Besides, the capacity and the construction make it super convenient, no matter whether you want to go with 5.45 or 7.62.

Even though the bakelite magazines are rugged and durable, they are lightweight. And you can’t often find such types of magazines which come with impressive capacity and are lightweight at the same time. 

Impressive Design 

The beautiful grain pattern of the bakelite mags is one of their key selling points. 

Moreover, it has a unique look that always fascinates AK lovers to have one and enhance the beauty of their guns. 

And, due to its unique design and shape, the price of the bakelite mags is often higher. 

Thanks to the materials used in making the bakelite mags, like glass-reinforced plastic, thermoset phenol-formaldehyde resin makes the magazines even more convenient. 

Why Are Bakelite Mags So Popular Despite the Higher Price Tag?

Even though the bakelite mags are competitively priced, AK lovers never mind having one. 

Now you might be wondering what motivates them to go with the Bakelite, although some excellent alternatives are available. 

Quality of the Magazines

Quality is the very first factor you need to take into consideration when it comes to buying a magazine for your AK. 

It should be decent in case of durability. Besides, it should also come with an impressive bullet capacity. 

The bakelite ensures them. And that’s why you want to have one even if it costs you too much money now (not beyond affordability).  

Rareness of the Magazines 

You’ll always find some people who like to collect the rarest stuff. And in the case of the AK lovers, the scenario remains the same. 

Due to limited supply, you can’t find the bakelite magazines as quickly as you think.

And so, this is another core reason why people like to spend some extra pennies to grab one Bakelite mag. 

Then again, we bet you, you won’t find many AK guys who don’t wish to have one. As the day advances, it is becoming a more collectible object. 

Here you can check one of the reviews of the AK lover who has the Bakelite magazine in this collection. 

Where Are Expensive Bakelite Mags Manufactured?

The expensive bakelite mags are made in Russian. And AK47 has a deep connection with this trendy magazine. 

However, in recent days, we have also seen the manufacture of the Bakelite magazine take place in the United States and a few other countries.  

Unfortunately, you can find fake bakelite mags on the United States market, which, if you don’t know about them, might seem completely the same as the real bakelite ones. 

And in most cases, polymer materials are used to manufacture those magazines. 

What Are the Alternatives to Bakelite Magazine?

If you think you can’t afford the Bakelite magazine or you can’t find it worthy enough to buy, you can go with other alternatives. 

It’s all about your personal preference. Here are some alternatives you can check!

Types of MagazinesPrice Ranges
Bakelite $100-$150
Aluminum $10-$25

Fakelite Magazines

Someone who doesn’t have in-depth knowledge about Bakelite magazines might mess up Fakelite with them. 

Well, both types of magazines look similar, but the fakelite ones are not as durable as the real bakelite ones. Plus, you can have a more modern touch with this type of magazine. 

Aluminum Magazines 

If you are searching for lightweight magazines like the Bakelite ones, you can go with magazines made of aluminum. The particular types of magazines are durable at the same time. 

In addition, you can buy one at an affordable price range (way cheaper than the Bakelite magazines). 

Polymer Magazines

Polymer magazines have always been a handy alternative to bakelite manganese due to their durability and lightweight. 

This type of magazine comes with an impressive corrosion resistance feature. In addition, you can have one with a cheaper price tag. 


People who are passionate about the Bakelite mags often ask some questions online. We have sorted a few for you here and plan to share the answers in short. 

Why Are Bakelite Mags Orange?

Ak47 Bakelite mags are by-products, orange in color due to the building materials. In addition, soldiers find it easy to inspect the mags in the battleground. Plus, the color can differentiate the mags from others out there!

What Is Bakelite Disadvantage?

One of the core disadvantages of bakelite is its fragility. In addition, gun magazines made of bakelite are always expensive. Other than that, there are no significant issues with Bakelite. 

Why Are Bakelite Magazines No Longer Used That Much?

Due to limited manufacture and supply, we can’t see the rapid use of the bakelite magazines too often. Besides, price points have always been an issue with the type of magazines. But people can still use it and search for it. 


Bakelite magazines are good enough and convenient at the same time for AK lovers. 

If you don’t mind spending money on magazines, you can definitely go with the Bakelite. But if you think otherwise, going with the alternative should be your option. 

But in this case, you might need to comprise the feel that you are supposed to get from the Bakelite ones.