Which Binocular is Better?


A quality binocular can enhance your viewing and pleasantry experience of great outdoors largely. That’s why the importance of choosing a quality binocular is a must. There are so many binoculars present in the current market and it can make the job difficult for you in choosing the right one. Some deciding criteria need to take into consideration to choose the best binocular. In this writing, we will serve you with a brief and informative guideline and discussion on which binocular magnification is better?

Before going to the main part of this writing, we want to discuss some important basics regarding binocular.

What to Look for When Buying Binoculars?

Binocular is an optical device consisting of two small telescopes mounted side by side which allow both eyes to see objects in the same direction and provide good depth effect. It helps you to see the object that’s far away. You will see 7X25 or 10X42 in the binocular body. Here X represents the magnification power range. Such as 7X25 binocular has 7X magnification and 10X42 has 10X magnification.

Difference between Binocular and Monocular Cues:

Though binocular and monocular both serve the same purpose, there are some differences between them.

Lenses: Binocular is a double lens optical device where monocular is a single lens device. We can see at extreme distances with both of these devices.

Size and weight: Monocular are very light-weighted and small in size compared to binocular. But both of devices will give you the e or less same result.

Availability and price: Binoculars are very common compared to monocular and many do not know about monocular also. And we can find binocular in most of the places at different prices. but monocular cannot be found every place.

Backpacking: For backpacking, monocular is the overall best. And specific monocular for backpacking should be used for this. Binocular also serve more or less same as monocular but specific backpacking binocular is very rare.

Eye Comfortableness: Binocular is more comfortable to use for a long period of time. There is no issue of Eye fatigue and headaches with binocular. But overuse of monocular can create those issues.

So, these are the major differences between binocular and monocular. Hope you find this helpful.

What Kind of Binoculars Should i Buy?

Some important criteria needed to take in consideration before telling that which binocular is better. In this content, we will discuss all the needed consideration that will make your binocular selection better. Let’s check those.

Usage of Binoculars :

Usage should be the main considerable thing before buying any binocular. Because there are many kinds of binocular here in the market and for a specific purpose, you will need specific binocular. Such as, you will never buy a professional binocular for your child. Besides, Militarily need a special one for them. So, it is our suggestion to take the usage of binocular in the consideration before choosing any of this.

Binocular Offers:

We all know that better binocular offers better durability. Actually, the design concept and materials that are used to make binocular ensure the durability. So try to pick durable binocular for long term use.

Binoculars Lens and glass:

There is two telescope lens in the binocular. The quality of the lens is a very important factor also. High-quality lens ensures better magnification and also good for our eyes. That’s why we advice not to use cheap quality binocular as it comes with the quality less lens.

You will get two types of lenses – glass lens and plastic lens in the current market. Experts suggest to glass lens for better picture quality. But glass lenses are costlier and heavier than plastic lens. But the plastic lens is more durable and there is less chance of breaking down.

N.B – One thing, we notice that parents or relatives tend to buy low-quality binoculars for their children most of the times. We think after reading this, you will avoid doing this sort of mistakes.

What is the Strongest Magnification for Binoculars?

Magnification range is another point to look at seriously. We can divide this into two part depending on the usage.

General usage: 7X and 10X magnification are great for general usage. Medium distance natural beauty enjoys, bird watching and so on can be done with this magnification range.

Long-range hunting and astronomy: For Long range hunting and astronomy related work, we need to use minimum 12X magnification.

Price range:

Every time high price tag does not ensure the product you want. Binocular is a simple optic device and you can find it in very low to high price range. It is true that expensive binocular will give you higher image quality, durability and so on. Military and backpackers will need those high-priced binoculars. But on the other hand, some medium quality binoculars also can give you quality images and durability. Our suggestion is to go for slightly cheaper binoculars for general use.

Binoculars Waterproof or water-resistant:

Try to buy a waterproof one as it will save your device from water and wet weather. It may cost a little higher but ensure the longevity of your device.

You may find another version of binocular which is water-resistant and that will save your device from bad and wet weather but not water fully. That’s why our suggestion is to take waterproof instead of water-resistant. As it will serve both jobs equally well.

Binocular Manufacturers and Brand value:

Company fame and brand value can play an important role in choosing the right binocular. Quality brands always try to make their product well and satisfied. That’s why it is safe to buy any product from them.

Warranty is another issue to look at. Try to buy binocular with warranty. You can replace your favorite product if it gets damaged.

Final Words:

Lots of criteria and facts are discussed here in the writing on which binocular magnification is better? I hope if one follows those guidelines and notes sincerely, he will get the best binocular in his budget. Let us know your thought on this piece of guideline.