Sig P365 Two-Tone vs. Black: Detailed Comparison

Sig Sauer has always been able to hold its brand name among sharpshooters. Undoubtedly this time as well with the Sig P365. Every Sig gun has the standard model and upgraded versions also. This time, the compact category Sig gun created a controversy, Sig P365 Two-Tone vs. Black.

Well, there is no considerable difference between the Sig P365 Two-Tone and the Black. The only significant difference is the color. Two-Tone has a stainless steel silver matte color coated slide, the upgraded version of the Sig P365 Black. 

Having almost everything in common in features still these two guns from the same gun is giving tough competition. So, let’s dive into the details to know more about firearms.

Comparison Chart – Sig P365 Two-Tone vs. Black

Sig P365 Two ToneSig P365 Black
It has a stainless steel silver slideThe slide color is black
The color is not shiny yet attractiveMatte color finish
Three dot Siglite Night Sight configurationThree dots Siglite night sight configuration 
The rigid frame and firm gripPerfect frame size with aggressive grip
It gives an eye catchy dual-color lookIt provides a super attractive, classy look
It comes with 10 round magazineIt comes with 10 round magazine
It beats every other gun in conceal carryOutperforms every other gun in conceal carry

In-depth Discussion – Sig P365 Two-Tone vs. Black

From the comparison chart above, you can see a quick view of Sig p365 Two-Tone and Black specifications. Now, let’s figure out more about these two excellent striker pistols.

Size and Design

Sig P365 Two-Tone and Black both come in the same size. The gun’s overall length is 5.8 inches, the height is 4.3 inches, and the width is 1.0 inches. So, you can see, both of the guns are really compact in size dimension-wise. 

Not only that, but the weight of the guns is also similar. Which is 17.8 ounces. It means the gun is super lightweight. You will definitely not feel anything heavy and pocking your skin. You can carry these guns and feel like there is nothing you are having. The barrels are typical 3.1 inches in both firearms.    

Sig P365 Silver Slide and Black are designed the same way. No guns have any safety system. But it has a thumb safety. These semi-automatic striker guns have a unique design perfectly suitable for concealed carry.  

Magazine Capacity

Both the guns come with a 10+1 round magazine. It is very beneficial to have this much ammunition capacity in a smaller gun like Sig P365. The magazine release is smooth and fast. So, you do not need to worry about immediate magazine changes.

Slide and Night Sight

Let’s talk about the only determining difference between these guns. The slide of Sig P365 Two-Tone is a stainless steel silver color-coated slide. Although it is stainless steel, you can still get some rust. Besides, the Silver paint on the slide is not the shiny bright one. It is more of a matte finished slide. This dual-color gun has become popular because of the change of look significantly.

The slide in the other Sig P365 is Black. The whole gun is colored, Black, which is really classy and attractive among many users. 

Both of the guns have a three-dot Siglite Night Sight configuration. It is a tritium night sight. There is a nice green circle insulted in both guns in the front sight, which gives more precise focus and accuracy of shooting. Unfortunately, you can not put on a red optics system in this gun. But you will have that option in the Sig P365XL.

Trigger and Shooting Quality

The trigger is a slightly curved one. It requires 7lbs of trigger pull weight. The pull and break reconciliation is affirmed and friendly. You do not need to pull harder, and the breaking point is accurate. 

Talking about the trigger brings the grip quality. Because it is when you hold the grip you are ready to work with the trigger. The grip is also nicely textured. It undoubtedly has a good grip yet is not being aggressive. Some people complain that they can not hold the grip using a full hand. The pinky finger is always dangling. In case of that, the support hand solves the problem immediately. 

You will get smooth and excellent shooting quality in both of the guns. Although some users claim that while shooting, some grindings go on with the trigger. But this issue disappears when the firearm is in practice regularly. 

Price and Worthiness

Sig didn’t make any considerable change in the price of these guns. Because both guns offer the same features. The color is the only fact that matters. So, you will get Sig P365 Two-Tone and Black at about the same price. The Two-Tone is a bit pricier than the Black ones. 

Sig P365 Two-Tone or Black – Which one to choose?

Let me tell you the truth. Choosing between Sig P365 Two-Tone and Black is not a big deal. Because either you choose, you are getting the ultimate benefits. So, what only matters is the fact, which color and coating you do prefer. 

If you want a more intense look for your gun, you can go with the Sig P365 Black. But if you’re going to give a try to the new upgrade, the Sig P365 Two-Tone is the choice for you. 


Does SIG P365 come in stainless?

Yes. Sig P365 comes in stainless. The slide is stainless steel, both in two Tones and Black.

What is a P365 slide made of?

Sig P365 slide is made of stainless steel.

Is the SIG P365 worth it?

Yes. The Sig P365 is worth it. Because it is the perfect conceal carry gun at a reasonable price. Apparently, it competes and wins against almost all other compact or subcompact carry guns.

Does SIG P365 have safety?

Sig P365 does not have safety. But it has manual ambidextrous safety.  

Final Words

Now, we have come to the end of the Sig P365 Two-Tone vs. Black discussion. Comparing all the specifications, you can see that both guns are fantastic as a carry gun. Besides, the lightweight of the guns doesn’t make it feel like the gun is there.

Both the guns have a shallow cut at the bottom of the grip, giving the gun an excellent shape. Besides, when you put it in the magazine, it aligns with the grip perfectly.