Sig P320 vs. P365XL: Detailed Comparison

People who love compact or subcompact category guns Sig P320 and P365XL are definitely for them. These two compact-sized guns from Sig Sauer are each other’s ultimate competitor. Both of the guns are made with the best possible Compact or Subcompact sized guns.

You can guess they operate the same way and do the same. Although both of the guns have similarities, the specs and features are different. That’s why the little difference in the specification is the consideration to choose one in between. 

So, without further ado, let’s get straight into the details of Sig P320 vs. P365XL.

Comparison Chart – Sig P320 vs. P365XL

Sig P320Sig P365XL
Larger gunSmaller gun
Suitable as a carry gunPerfect for conceal carry
Good trigger and shooting qualityExcellent shooting quality with straight trigger
Heavier than P365XLLighter than P320
Stainless Steel Nitron finishStainless Steel darker polymer finish
Double grade recoil springConventional recoil spring
Smoother grip textureAggressive grip texture

In-depth discussion – Sig P320 vs. P365XL

From the comparison chart above you can get a quick idea of these two striker pistols. Now, let’s figure out the details.

Size and Design

The Sig P320 is a larger gun than the P365XL both length and height-wise. The P365XL has a length of 6.6 inches, whereas the P320 has a length of 7.2 inches. Again P365XL has a height of 4.8 inches, whereas P320 has a height of 5.5 inches. 

Not only that. Both pistols differ weight-wise as well. P365XL weighs 20.7 ounces and P320 weighs 26 ounces. P365XL has a 3.7-inch barrel and P320 has a 3.9-inch barrel. So, you can see, these two guns have a noticeable difference in dimension and weight.

The design of each gun also has some dissimilarities. You will see a lightning cut in the new P365XL which is not available in the P320. Other than this P365XL has an extended beavertail which ensures firm grip support. But the tail of the P320 is a pretty conventional type. The grip body is also a little curved and shorter in the P365XL than P320. 

Magazine Capacity

P320 has a 15 round magazine. So, you become sure that you have enough support. The magazine release is also super smooth. At first, you may find the button press difficult. But when you get used to it it’s going to give you the quickest service. You can also change the magazine release button to the other side if you are a left-handed shooter.

The P365XL also comes with a 12-15 round magazine capacity. So, it gives a tough competition to the P320. The magazine release is tough enough to hold the magazine but smooth enough to release. So, you get both perfectly.

Night Sight and Optics

Both the guns have a 3 dot configuration night sight. It helps you to keep the focus on your target. So, even if you are not so good at targeting, the Siglite Night Sight will help you out. You can also add the red optics option to your pistol. It assures more accurate target focusing. 

But this feature is only available in the P365XL. Underneath the gun slide, it has some screws and settings for the optics installation. You can use Romeo Zero red dot optics in it.

Trigger and Response

Trigger design and trigger response have always been a matter o0f great concern for all shooters. Because the trigger accuracy will deliver the perfect shoot. Keeping the fact in mind, Sig has integrated a straightforward vertical trigger in the new P365XL. The trigger shoots at 90 degrees straight. Because of having a straight you get a perfect pulling and breaking. So, the overall shooting control is in your hand.

In the new additions of P320, you will get a straight trigger. But in the standard model, you will get a curved trigger. Although the curved trigger also got a huge response. But users tend to get the vertical one nowadays.

Cost and Worthiness

Comparing costs, the P365XL is a little bit more expensive than the P320. As Sig is offering you some better features in the new P365XL, they set up the price accordingly. But it doesn’t mean the P320 is less efficient because it’s the cheaper one. It’s just that you may cut out on some little specs only.

Sig P320 or P365XL – Which one to choose?

Choosing between P320 and P365XL depends on your personal preference. If you prefer a more compact gun for conceal carry P365XL is the best option for you. Because it is a smaller gun. But, there is something else that matters. Being a smaller gun the P365XL has a shorter grip. You may find it difficult to hold the perfect grip if you are a large-handed shooter.

You can still use P320 for concealed carry but according to size, it is a little larger than the other one. But this gun is perfect for large-handed shooters. On the other hand, the P365XL is perfect for smaller-handed shooters.

Again, the price is a fact. You can get the P320 at a reasonable price. It will work just fine. But if you are prepared to invest a couple of bucks more, why not get the additional features and facilities of Sig P365XL? The choice is in your hand.


What is the difference between P320 and P365XL?

The main difference between the P320 and P365XL is, the P320 is a slightly larger and heavier compact striker gun than the P365xl. The price is also high in P365XL. But the shooting quality is accurate as well.

Is the P365XL a good carry gun?

Yes. The P365XL is a good carry gun. This gun is the ultimate choice for concealed carry. It lessens the burden of weight and does the job so well.

Is a Sig P365 XL a compact?

Yes. Sig P365XL is a compact gun. You can also categorize it as a sub-compact striker gun.

What is the smallest P320?

P320 X Compact can be a good option for the smallest P320.

Final Words

Investing in your new gun is also a matter of investing in your new experience. It is a big matter itself. So, whichever gun you choose, make sure you get the worth all out of it. Besides, guns need proper care as other objects. If you want a longer work life of your gun, keep it nice and clean regularly. 

Instead of having dissimilarities both the P320 and P365XL are high in demand in the market. People are prone to buy both of them equally. So, you really can not quickly judge which one is the best. Select one which suits your budget and needs as well.