Sig P320 vs P226: Which Pistol is Best For You?

When you search for the best pistol, you will see two pistols that always come top: sig P320 and P226.

Here the question comes to which one is best between them. Which one should you trust for your defense?

In this article on sig P320 vs P226, I will find answers to these questions. I will compare these pistols regarding their built quality, performance, reconfigurability, costs, reliability, etc.

So, let’s start the comparison between sig P320 and P226.

Comparison chart sig p320 vs P226

It is a classic pistolIt is the latest innovation in the pistol field
It is heavier because of its whole steel bodyIt is a lightweight gun
It offers minimum customization optionsP320 offers a wide range of customizations
It doesn’t come with target sightIt comes with target sight
P226 is not perfect for carryingIt is easy to carry on
It is not a compact pistolP320 is a compact multirole pistol
P226 base model costs $1087P320 base model costs $687

In-depth discussion sig P320 vs P226

Here is the in-depth discussion on sig P320 vs P226. I will discuss both pistols’ performance, reliability, price, safety mechanism, ease of use, reconfigurability, etc.


P320 and P226 both perform exceptionally. However, they have some differences in their performance.

P320 is a striker-fired system. Its grip is incredible, arguably one of the best you can get. You won’t feel any issue with this grip while shooting all day long. It never misses targets, thanks to its greater accuracy. You won’t face shortcomings shooting targets from 25 yards away. So, it delivers what it is built for; greater accuracy, reliability, and smoothness.

The P226 performance is top-notch. It has been providing unmatched performance for decades. It provides great accuracy all the time. In every condition, it provides reliable performance. With this gun, you can shoot thousands of rounds per day without worrying about jamming.      


Reliability is the most crucial matter of a gun. Other great qualities of a gun become meaningless if it is not reliable. You should pick a gun that can fire 5000 rounds without malfunctioning.

As far as reliability is concerned, the P226 is a reliable pistol.  It does not malfunction easily. You can fire enough rounds at a single time without any problem. On the other hand,  P320 malfunctions after firing a good number of rounds. However, it is reliable enough.


The safety mechanism is another important feature of a gun because it protects the gun from automatic firing. It is a helpful feature for an inexperienced person. However, it is unnecessary for an experienced person.

P226 doesn’t come with safety features. On the other hand, the P320 military version features safety mechanisms.  However, its civilian version doesn’t feature safety mechanisms.  


For guns, weight plays a crucial role; there is no doubt about it. It gives you firm control while shooting. If you carry guns, then weight plays a crucial role.

P320 is a lightweight gun. Thanks to its polymer frame. It weighs only 29 ounces. If you need to carry a gun all the time, this one is best for you. 

On the other hand, the P226 is an old classic gun made with steel. Therefore, it is heavy. It weighs 34 ounces. If you want to carry this gun regularly, consider a belt.  

Ease of use

Handguns should be user-friendly; it is a must-have characteristic of a quality gun. Sometimes complex features destroy guns’ usability.

P320 and P226 both are user-friendly guns. Anyone can use them without any issue. P226 is a classic shooter that is easy to use, and it doesn’t feature complex safety features; experienced or inexperienced people won’t face any issue with this gun.

Regarding the P320, it is also easy to use. Though its military version features a safety mechanism; however, it is easy to use. You can disassemble and assemble it quickly. Therefore, it proves its user-friendliness.  

Stopping power

Stopping power of a gun means its impact power. How boldly it can impact the enemy is considered as stopping power. Therefore, it is directly related to bullet size and fire rate.

P320 and P226 both use 9mm bullets, and their fire rate is enough for home defence. You shouldn’t worry about their stopping power as US navy SEALs operate both guns.  


It is a crucial matter for modern guns. You can configure your gun through different accessories like target sights.

As I told you before, the P226 is an old gun, and it doesn’t have too much room for configuration. On the other hand, P320 is a modern shooter, and it offers different customization. You can set target sight as it features a dedicated place for installing the target sight. You can buy a custom magazine to increase bullet numbers.


Premium guns always cost more. However, you can go with their base model for these two pistols if you have a tight budget. The base model of P226 costs $1087. Moreover, its premium model costs another $500.

On the other hand, the P320 base model costs $679. You can buy the full-size P320 and conversion kit at the same price of P226. However, if you consider their base model, P320 is the clear winner from the price perspective.

Sig P320 vs P226: Which one to choose

P226 is an old classic warhorse. If you like double-action long hard trigger pull, you can choose P226. This mechanism provides an excellent level of safety. On the other hand, if you love short light trigger pull, P320 is for you. 

Moreover, if you are looking for the latest innovations in pistols, the P320 is the best option.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a reconfigurable gun with maximum customization options, P320 is the right choice.


Why is the P226 so expensive?

P226 uses expensive materials, and its manufacturing process is also expensive compared to others. That’s why p226 is so expensive.

Why do the Navy SEALs use the Sig P226?

Navy SEALs use P226 for better reliability and power.

Is SIG P320 better than Glock?

Yes, the Sig P320 is better than Glock because it offers more options.

Is P226 worth the money?

Yes, of course, because it is the most reliable and accurate pistol ever made.

Can you conceal carry a P320?

Yes, you can because it is a compact gun.         

Final words

So, which one is best in the battle of sig P320 vs P226? The answer is straightforward: P226 is a great classic pistol. On the other hand, the P320 is a modern legend. Actually, both are great in their class.

It doesn’t matter which pistol you choose; you won’t face any performance issues. After reading this comparison between these two pistols, I hope you can figure out which gun is the best choice for you.