Sig P320 vs. M&P 2.0: Detailed Comparison

In the striker pistols category, the Sig Compact and Smith and Wesson M&P models always have their significance. The genuine users liked both gun manufacturers. Undoubtedly this time which makes a – “Sig P320 vs. M&P 2.0” controversy.

As both the guns are competing, they have some similarities. But the minor differences make each gun unique. Not only that, but you will also experience different feelings holding and shooting both guns. 

Sig P320 is a carry gun, and M&P can be used as both carry and service handguns. This is not the only comparison. Let’s dive into the details to know more about these two excellent full-sized striker pistols.

Comparison Chart- Sig P320 vs. M&P 2.0:

Sig P320S&W M&P 2.0
Best gun for conceal carryBest side gun for service usage
Three dot night sight configurationThree dot night sight configuration
No red optics are availableNo red optics are available
Little heavier than M&P 2.0Lighter than Sig P320
Available in 15/17 round magazineAvailable in 17 round magazine
No safety lock buttonThere is a safety lock button
Lightning cut in the Carry modelNo lightning cut is available

In-depth discussion – Sig P320 vs. M&P 2.0:

From the comparison chart above, you can see a quick comparison of Sig P320 and M&P 2.0. Now, let’s figure out the details of both the guns. Here we will be comparing both Sig’s Carry and Compact with Smith and Wesson’s M&P 2.0.

Size and Design

Dimension-wise, Sig P320 and Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 have noticeable differences. In the Sig P320 we can see the gun length of 7.2/7.4 inches. Whereas M&P 2.0 has an overall length of 8.3 inches. 

Height wise they are almost similar. Sig P320 has a height of 5.2/5.5 inches. In contrast, M&P2.0 has a height of 5.5 inches. Sig P320 striker pistol weighs 29.4/27 ounces. But, M&P 2.0 weighs 26.9 ounces. So, you can see the apparent dimension differences between the two brand guns.

Now moving on to the most significant fact, the barrel size. Sig P320 carry guns have conventional barrels of 3.9 inches. Whereas M&P 2.0 has a larger barrel of 5 inches. How it makes a difference, right? 

Well, you can see the barrel of the M&P 2.0 is not as the size of 4 inches of typical handguns. The increased length increases 50-100ft/sec of additional velocity for the barrel. That means 5-10% of energy increased depending on the round. 

Moving on to the design, you can see lightning cut design in the Sig P320 Carry model. But, there is no lightning cut design on the Sig P320 Compact and the M&P 2.0. Besides, it has a loaded chamber indicator at the top of the slide.

Trigger and Shooting Quality

The trigger design and performance are also different in Sig P3420 and M&P 2.0. You can see a straight trigger in the Sig P320. And an articulated trigger in the M&P 2.0. Both the triggers perform excellently.

The Sig trigger applies a pull weight of 6lbs and breaks at straight 90 degrees. The M&P trigger applies 6lbs of pull weight as well and breaks with accuracy at the point. Instead of having the same amount of pull weight, users sometimes find the shooting experience different.

To some users, a straight trigger of the Sig is more user-friendly. So, the trigger convenience gives the user a better shooting quality. On the other hand, users who don’t like straight triggers find M&P triggers more user-friendly. And it provides smooth shooting satisfaction.

Grip and Safety

The grip is fantastic in both of the guns. The Sig P320 has a shorter and straight grip. In comparison, M&P has an 18-degree grip angle. Also, the grip is covered entirely. The grip texture of the Sig P320 is more natural and soft. But the grip texture in the M&P 2.0 is aggressive and more vivid.

Both the grips give good holding experience. But they are preferably different among users. People who do not like aggressive grip will find M&P grip harsh. On the other hand, they will discover that the Sig P320 grip is more useful.

Night Sight and Magazine Capacity

Both of the guns above have a three-dot configuration night sight. Sig P320 has Siglite Night Sight. In the Carry model of Sig, you will see an insulated green front sight. You can add red optics in the Sig Carry model. But you do not have that facility in the M&P 2.0. But the longer slide radius in M&P 2.0 gives the gun a slight edge in making more precise sight alignment.

Sig P320 has a magazine capacity of 15/17 round. Smith and Wesson M&P have 17 round magazines. The magazine release is quick and smooth as well. Sig P320 has the smallest magazine release, and the M&P has a larger magazine release.

Finish and Serrations

Sig P320 has conventional slide serrations both in front and rear. On the other side of the slide, they have the same serration pattern. On the M&P, you will see cocking serration on the front side of the slide and fish scale serrations on the rear side in M&P 2.0. 

Sig P320 has a stainless steel Nitron finish. On the other side, M&P 2.0 has stainless steel Armanite finish. M&P also has a darker color finish. The extended steel chassis inside the polymer frame of M&P 2.0 keeps the weight down and increases rigidity and durability. 

Cost and Worthiness

If we compare Sig P320 and Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 cost-wise, Sig will be cheaper. As M&P 2.0 has more added facilities and extra features, it makes the gun more expensive. Because of being a better gun, M&P 2.0 has also become a sidearm gun for force.

Sig P320 or M&P 2.0 – Which one to choose?

Choosing between Sig P320 and M&P 2.0 is not so tricky yet not so easy. It depends on some little facts that make the difference. If you have been using guns for years and now want to upgrade to the best carry gun, M&P 2.0 is the ultimate choice. 

If you want something that works great and reasonable in price, Sig P320 is the option for you. Why spend more money when you can get what you wish not to exceed your budget?


Is the M&P 2.0 full size?

Yes. M&P 2.0 is a full-size 9mm frame-size striker pistol. With incredible dimension and exclusive 18-degree angle grip, M&P 2.0 has become the new sensation in the industry.

Is the M&P 2.0 reliable?

Undoubtedly, the M&P 2.0 is reliable. The gun is just incredible, both as a carry gun and a service handgun. The extended barrel can be called the key for this gun to be this famous.

Is the SIG P320 worth it?

Yes. The Sig P320 is worth it. Both the Carry and Compact versions of Sig P320 are fabulous in their way. Although the Compact one is a smaller gun, it can compete with the other popular carry guns in the market. For conceal carry, Sig P320 Compact is the best. 

Is the M&P 2.0 a good gun?

M&P 2.0 from Smith and Wesson is undoubtedly a good gun. But this gun is more beneficial for the users who already have a lot of experience of shooting. 

Final Words

This was all about the Sig P320 vs. M&P 2.0 discussion. Now, whichever gun you choose from above, make sure you get the best on your budget. Besides, proper usage and care can extend the life of your favorite gun. So, try to do the regular maintenance and cleaning of your gun.