Common Seecamp 380 Problems & How To Deal With Them!

People wanted small guns, perhaps because they are easier to control and conceal or more manageable for those with smaller hands. They are consistently preferred choices for whatever reason. Seecamp offers the smallest handgun in the world. However, you might not like some of their features.

The most frequent argument against purchasing the Seecamp 380 is that it is too small. You’ll probably feel less secure while shooting if your hand is larger. On the other hand, since the gun lacks sight, you might need to rely heavily on instinct.

There are a few isolated complaints as well. If you want to learn more about seecamp 380 and its drawbacks, keep reading.

Different Models and the History of the Seecamp 380

There have been three Seecamp models unveiled so far, and there is a common element throughout all seecamp models. They are nearly identical in size, have no sight, and are double-action (DOA). All Seecamp models are created with close-range use in mind. 

Manufactured by seecamp, an American manufacturer of pocket pistols, Seecamp 380 was introduced as the third model. The first and original model was LWS-25. It was introduced and manufactured from 1981 through 1985.

A total of 5000 LWS-25s were made. It had a 7-round magazine capacity  However, after the launch of the.32 ACP version, it’s highly likely that this item is no longer being produced.

The.32 ACP seecamp was the second model. This model, unlike the.25, uses a magazine with a 6-round capacity. It was one of the most widely used and is priced at about US$2000. 

What are the common Seecamp 380 Common Problems?

The seecamp 380’s features are primarily to blame for their common issues. The same feature might be useful to one person but not to another. Here is a detailed analysis of the seecamp 380’s common complaints.

Seecamp Slide Issue 

One of the many issues with the seecamp is its slide. The common complaints include that the thing launching the slide down more than once; in another youtube video slide simply came backward while the shooter shot.

These common complaints indicate that the seecamp has slide issues, and you should be more serious while launching the slide. Here is what you can do. Launching the slide of your seecamp requires properly engaging a spring-loaded slide retainer plunger. 

So, launching the slide of your seecamp will be difficult if the slide fails to engage properly. There can be two ways: either the plunger is defective, or you have assembled it wrong. Therefore, remove the slide and examine the plunger to check its proper functioning. 

Long Trigger Pull

Seecamp LWS 380 is designed with a long trigger pull. It comes down to personal preference, but I don’t like this feature at all. Seecamp is already a small pistol in the world, long trigger pull, particularly this model, may serve you less.

The distance your finger travels after the shot significantly affects the barrel’s position, changing the trajectory of the bullets. Short trigger distance, however, is better and gets rid of minor consequences with a long trigger pull.

Too small for a large hand

Though manufacturers have reduced the gap between small and large guns, it is also a matter of personal preference; while small guns have some benefits, there are some drawbacks as well.

Seecamp is only 4.25 in length, while the grip width is only.91 inches and the fully loaded weight is around 12.5 ounces. Additionally, it holds six bullets and comes with a double action only. 

Usually small guns have a shorter sight radius that reduces the accuracy. Additionally, less weight and length cause more kickback, and less ammo capacity increases the chances of not finishing the job. Anyway, it is easy to carry and conceal.

No sight On the Seecamps 

Sight on the seecamp can be a major concern for someone and not an issue for many. The manufacturer has clarified at this point why the seecamp has no sight. 

They said more than 70% of recorded police shootings, police did not use sight, while in many cases, they did not remember whether sight was used. Officers often use some kind of visual aid to fix the target.


The following questions and answers are replies to the clients of the Seecamp 380. Hopefully, you will find them useful and informative.

What materials are employed in the production of Seecamp pistols?

All the Seecamp, more than 31000, are made of 415 stainless. This substance is used to create the slide, trigger, hammer, magazine safety, and catch. The company previously employed 416. 

How often do the recoil and trigger springs need to be changed?

All of the trigger springs last longer than expected, according to the manufacturer. However, the recoil spring needs to be changed in 380. After a certain number of rounds, the spring needs to be replaced. 

What comes in the box with a new Seecamp pistol?

An instruction book, warranty card, and an extra recoil spring assembly are included with every new Seecamp pistol. It is suggested that you read the instruction manual before shooting.

Are the three calibers, both new and old, disassembled and reassembled in the same way?

All three calibers have the same disassembly and reassembly steps, except the .25 caliber, which, in contrast to the Southwick.25′, has a single recoil spring and a guide rod rather than dual reverse wound recoil springs. 

Is there any harm in dry-firing my Seecamp?

No, dry firing does not do any damage; rather, it’s the best way to increase your shooting skills. A firing pin included with the Seecamp 380 eliminates any stress-inducing factors.


There you have it. Hopefully, you learned much about the Seecamp.380 from the discussion above. While a side-by-side comparison of the other two models will unquestionably assist you in selecting one of them.

Here are some recommendations from seecamp; Make sure to use quality gun oil because the stainless steel of the seecamp is not rust-proof but rust-resistant. The slide retainer and slot should also be lubricated to avoid galling.

The Seecamp.380 is a high-quality firearm, but if you have a larger hand or don’t place much importance on concealment, you shouldn’t buy one.