P320 X5 vs X5 legion: Which one is for competitive shooting?

Are you looking for the best pistol for competitive shooting and in hesitation for choosing between X5 and X5 legion?

X5 and X5 legion are competition-oriented pistols, and they are best for competitive shooting. X5 legion is the latest version of X5; they share similar frames and characteristics. However, there are differences between them: performance, accuracy, trigger weight, reliability, and more.     

To help you choose the best pistol between these two, I will discuss their differences in detail in this article on P320 X5 vs X5 legion. 

So, let’s find out which one suits you best.   

Comparison chart:  P320 X5 vs X5 legion

P320 X5P320 X5 legion 
Its frame is made from steelIts frame is made of polymer
Its trigger is heavier Its trigger is lightweight 
It doesn’t come with target sight It comes with target sight
It comes with four magazines of 21 roundsIt comes with three magazines of 17 rounds
It produces more recoil It produces less recoil 
P320 X5 base model costs around  $800X5 legion base model costs around $1000

In-depth discussion Between P320 X5 and X5 legion 

Here is the in-depth discussion of P320 X5 vs X5 legion; I will discuss their performance, reliability, accuracy, capacity, costs, and more. So, without wasting any more time.

Let’s start.  


The overall performance of the P320 X5 is not so impressive. Its accuracy is quite good. However, it does malfunction sometimes. However, it won’t affect your day-to-day tasks. If you shoot too many rounds in a single season, it may malfunction.  

On the other hand, the performance of the P320 x5 legion is impressive. It is built for competitive shooting, and it does the job impressively. It is easy to shoot, and its accuracy is great. You won’t experience malfunctioning with this gun. It doesn’t jam even in long shooting seasons.


As far as reliability goes, these two guns have significant differences. Gun reliability depends on shooting conditions. Considering the reliability of the P320 X5, it is not a reliable gun if you are thinking of competitive shooting. However, it may work for tasks like home defense.

The P320 X5 legion is a reliable gun. It is always ready to shoot in any condition. Even under dirty conditions, it keeps shooting. It can endure over 30 000 rounds in a year. You won’t experience malfunctioning under competition. So, in terms of reliability, the P320 X5 legion has greater advantages over the P320 X5.                


Some handguns come with manual safety, and some don’t. Newbie shooters like it, and experienced shooters hate it. However, it protects you from unwanted dangers.

Considering the manual safety of these two guns, they don’t feature a manual safety mechanism. As they both are competition-centered pistols, it is not a major drawback for them. P320 X5 had issues of accidental shooting after dropping. However, the P320 X5 legion solved this issue. 

Both pistols are safe to use even without manual safety. However, X5 legion seems better than X5.     


Weight is very crucial for handguns. Handguns’ performance is directly related to weight.

The P320 X5 is made from steel and weighs 3.5 ounces. On the other hand, X5 legion is made from polymer and weighs 3.93 ounces. So, the X5 legion is half pounds heavier than the X5. This extra weight of X5 legion helps effective recoil management. Moreover, you can shoot consistently without losing accuracy.

Ease of use 

When it comes to usability, X5 and X5 legion are easy to use. Anyone can take these pistols out of the box and start shooting. But disassembling the X5 is a bit harder because of its disassembly lever. On the other hand, X5 legion disassembling is very easy; you can quickly disassemble and reassemble this gun.

The trigger of the X5 legion is lighter, which makes it easy to use. Consequently, the X5 trigger is heavier. But you won’t face any issue with it. 

X5 legion produces less recoil compared to X5. Therefore, the X5 legion is easier to use than X5. 

Both guns are easy to use. However, the X5 legion is more comfortable, and you will be more comfortable with this gun after spending some time with it.     


Both guns use 9mm rounds. The X5 comes with four magazines of 21 rounds. The X5 legion comes with three magazines of 17 rounds. Here X5 is the winner. However, X5 legion should have come with more magazines because you are paying more than X5. However, you can use a 21 rounds magazine with the legion if you want. In this case, you have to buy a 21 round magazine separately.    


X5 and X5 legion are modern guns, and they offer maximum reconfiguration. X5 legion features forward targeting sights which is great for shooting. If you want, you can set third-party sights on these guns. Moreover, you can use flashlights or lasers under their rail. 

Furthermore, you can also change the trigger for a lighter one. It will improve your shooting performance.  


There is no huge price difference between X5 and X5 legion because they are from the same series. Moreover, X5 legion is the upgraded version of X5. 

That said, X5 costs around $800, and X5 legion costs around $1000. These prices are for their base model. If you want to get some kits and upgraded models, the cost will be more than the base models.   

If you are a serious competitive shooter, then X5 legion extra price is justifiable for you. If competition is not your agenda, X5 is best for you.  

P320 X5 Or X5 legion: Which one to choose

As I said earlier, both pistols are for competitions; they provide good accuracy and reliability. 

If you are not a professional shooter and don’t participate in shooting competitions regularly, then X5 is for you. You can use this gun for home defense also.

On the other hand, if you are a professional shooter and take part in shooting competitions regularly, X5 legion is a must-have choice for you. The reason is it is heavier and provides better accuracy and stability. 

If you need to carry guns all the time, these guns are not the right choices. 


Can I use third-party accessories for these pistols?

Yes, you can, but it is unsafe to do. 

Which is better, x5 or x5 legion?

X5 legion is a more powerful pistol than X5.

Which pistol provides better accuracy between X5 and X5 legion?

X5 legion is more accurate. However, you won’t notice any differences while shooting with X5. 

X5 and X5 are good for carrying?

No, they are both heavy pistols and not good for carrying. 

P320 X5 vs X5 legion: Final Words

P320 X5 and X5 legion both are competition guns, and they do their job well. However, they have differences in their performance. But you won’t notice any major difference while shooting with them. X5 legion is perfect for competitive shooting. 

If you want a powerful gun for shooting competitions, X5 legion is the best choice. If you were hesitant to choose between these two guns, this in-depth comparison of P320 X5 vs X5 legion would help you select the right one.