An Extended List of New Hunting Gear 2020


Developing a list of useful hunting gear is a basic step before starting hunting. Choosing the suitable gear is very important. Those things will directly effect on your new hunting gear. An ideal hunting list consists of a backpack, sleeping gear, tents, clothing, weapon, optics, emergency tools, foods etc. You cannot hunt without using any tools. So, it is the must go through step for the hunter.
At the time of developing a gear list, always give concentration on your comfort and budget issue. You have to research about the necessary gear of hunting. It is ideal to avoid the large-sized as well as heavyweight tools because it is problematic to carry out.

Why Developing a List of Hunting Gear is Important

For planning a hunting trip, you have to follow a checklist. The checklist helps to stay organized. Otherwise, you may face many problems. Your own list of new hunting gear will beneficial for you in many ways. A list helps to know what you need and what is unnecessary.
A good list can save time, money as well as effort. Developing a list may take a little time but save a huge. By using this, one hunter can finish his hunting properly as well as neatly. A good list can solve your budget issue. Moreover, this type of list helps to get a clear concept of the required hunting equipment.

Must-Have New Hunting Gear List 2020

Different types of hunting may need a different type of gear. So, the list will be different for the type of hunting. But there is some basic gear for all types of hunting or you may always need those gear for the hunting trips. Here is a suggestion list for giving you some idea about the necessary components, how and why should select them.

Taking license or paperwork

Taking proper permission is the first and foremost step. It is important to show respect to the hunting laws and restrictions. It will help you to know that what should to do or not to do. Take your license paper with you at the time of hunting.


The backpack is one of the common as well as basic gear for hunting. It is a very useful thing. When it comes to backpack, first think about your needs and comfort. Then you have to consider those facts, the actual weight of the pack, size of the pack, shape of the backpack, using purposes, weight handle capacity, what kind of hunting will you do, weather facts as well as easy to use.
You can pack out the meat of the game animal after finishing the hunting. A good backpack can serve greatly. So, don’t forget to put this on the list.


Most of the time of hunting, you have to stay at the game area in the night. For staying there, you must need tents. Tent creates a suitable situation for taking rest. The tent is different for the types of using varieties. Take that tent which is suitable for the hunting location. The tent size and weight are the other facts. If the tent has an easy folding system, it will helpful for carrying.

Fire tools

Fire is an essential thing for us. We cannot live without it. It is almost impossible to pass a day without it.Taking some firing gadgets is necessary for a hunter. If you use fire in the camp, it will protect you from the unexpected beasts. You can use fire for cook foods. It will also make you warm at night or cold period of time. But for using fire, must follow some necessary safety steps. Because fire can become very dangerous for unwise deeds.

Sleeping Gear

Sleeping bag, ground cloth, sleeping hat, eye mask etc. are the sleeping gear. Sleeping is essential for man. You can’t run well without taking proper sleep. After taking sound sleep, you can start your hunting day with freshness. At hunting, take proper sleep to remain fresh and active.

Normal Clothing

For choosing normal clothing, it is ideal to select suitable as well as lightweight clothing. Full shirt, full pant may protect your skin from the extreme sunlight, thorn, leech etc. Socks, hat, belt, gloves are the other normal clothing. Take only required clothing. Extra clothing may become a burden for you.

Special Clothing

Worn cloth, rain-protected cloth, footwear, leg gaiter, watch, sunglass etc. are the special clothing. Those things protect from the special cases as well as give more comfort to the user. In some certain cases, those clothing become the life-saving thing. It must have some weather protection capacities.


The rope is one of the most used materials. It is very useful for many reasons. Building tents, tracking, carry out the hunted animals, riding high places etc. are the using space of rope. For different types of use, we need different types of rope. Without using ropes, your work may become more difficult.


You cannot hunt without finding the game animal. Optics tools help you to find the animal. Binocular, rangefinder, bino-adapter, tripod, camera etc. are the part of optics. Those tools help you most to find the desired animal. But this part may increase your purchase cost.


Without the weapon, you can’t hunt. Various types of animal hunting require different types of weapons. The weapon also needs many parts. Total weight of the weapon, suitable size, easy carrying facility, loading time are some factors which indicate the weapon’s quality.

Cooking Tools

For this reason of staying in the wild place, you may need to cook food to eat. This part will increase the weight of the tools that you have to carry. Cook pot, stove, fuel are some cooking gear.

Safety Tools

GPS, knife, water purifier, headlamp, oil, torch, water container, batteries, satellite phone etc. are safety tools. These tools are very important for the hunter. These tools will help the hunter at the emergency time as well as regular time also. Don’t forget to bring those tools. So, must have hunting gear put them on your list.

Food and Water

Without taking food, we cannot live or continue our work properly. For the reason of hunting, you need more calories than the normal day you pass. So, it is ideal to take high calorie and protein contained foods.
Water is life. Without drinking water, you cannot pass a single day. Water is also necessary for the other daily works. So, bring water bottles is an essential point on your useful new hunting gear list. If you find a natural safe water source, you will get some advantages. Your hunting experience may become more enjoyable then.

First aid Kit

Disinfectant, butterfly strips, tape, and gauze, tweezers etc. are some first aid kit. Hunting process can bring some kind of injuries. For your safety is important to bring this kind of first aid kit.

Safety and Necessary Steps

Safety is always the first priority. In the case of hunting and developing a list of useful hunting gear, there are some necessary steps that may you follow

  • Don’t forget to put the safety tools on your useful gear list.
  • When developing a list always notice the total price of the gear you have chosen.
  • Think carefully to choose the useful hunting gear. Before purchasing compare the gear price with some options is ideal and helpful for you.
  • Study about the place where will you go for hunting and then make your useful hunting gear list.
    Try to use more environmentally friendly tools.
  • Try to keep your list flexible.
  • Carrying too much weight is a foolish idea. Put the lightweight tools in the checklist. This step may make your hunting more enjoyable. So, concentrate on the weight factor.
  • Check the list twice before going out.
  • Without the weapon, you cannot hunt. All your efforts will end in smoke without it. So, put this tool at the top of your list.
  • Don’t make hurry to developing the list.


Hunting is an exciting work. But you have to take proper preparation before starting. Developing a list of useful hunting gear list is a part of the preparation. This type of action may improve your performance level as well as increase your success rate.

A good useful hunting gear list 2020 also can help you in many ways. It solves the budget issue. You can go to hunting without making a gear list.

But then some problems may arise for the lake of needed gears. Developing a hunting list is not a difficult task at all. So, why don’t you try this? If your list works well, your hunting experience will become more exciting.