Ideas for Summer Camp Activities & Games


Summer vacation is the longest vacation kids spend every year. In this long period of relief from the utter stress of the school, kids tend to enjoy every moment of this time. But doing the same thing every day eventually becomes boring.

That’s why there are summer camps where kids can enjoy new things and fun activities every day. Here are some cool ideas for summer camp activities & games that you can arrange for the kids.

List of Summer Camp Activities

Summer camp activities include some fun things that kids loves to do. So, here is a list of summer camp activities that your kids will definitely be fond of. I have categorized them into three main types.

  1. Indoor or Outdoor Sports

There are some cool sports that every kid will enjoy during a summer camp. Some of these sports are suitable for indoor whereas others are good for outdoors. Let’s check them out.

  • Bike Riding

It is one of the most awesome things to do in a summer camp. If the place where you’re camping has enough space you can set up bike riding activities for everyone to enjoy.

  • Camping Ping-Pong

Just set up an outdoor ping pong table in the camping spot and kids can enjoy a good game of ping pong in the summer camp.

  • Soccer or Volleyball

Soccer or volleyball are games that only need a ball and nothing else. Because in the camp you can set goal post or net bars with trees and thus the kids can enjoy good Street-Soccer or Volleyball.

2. Ranged Games

Ranged games are basically throwing games. For example

  • Archery

It’s not the professional archery in case you are wondering. It’s for your kids and the arrows here are completely safe to use. This is one of the most amazing ideas for summer camp activities & games for your kids.

  • Paintball Throwing

One of the things kids love the most is paints. If you make paintballs with paints, water, and balloons and arrange a paintball throwing game for the kids they will definitely love the idea.

  • Slingshot Range

We have all heard about slingshots. You can easily make slingshot range games fun by putting some plastic bottles in a range and let your kids shoot them and score.

3. Adventures

Aside from these games, there are some adventurous things that you can arrange for the kids. Here are a few good ideas.

  • Fishing

Fishing takes a lot of patience but at the same time, it’s a lot of fun to do. You can arrange fishing activities for the kids and the adults as well. They will surely love it.

  • Hunting

Kids can enjoy occasional hunting adventures under the supervision of an adult in the summer camp.

  • Rock Climbing

Both kids and adults can enjoy rock climbing a lot. It gives the feel of a real adventurer and the thrill they get will be quite enjoyable.

Summer Camp Craft Ideas

Above I have talked about some of the coolest summer camp activities that both adults and kids can enjoy. But these aren’t the only things your kids can learn or do in a summer camp. Here are some craft ideas for the summer camp that kids will love to do.

  • Crafting Wind Chimes with Tin Cans

Every day we throw away a lot of tin cans. This is a great piece of trash that can be used for amazing craft works. Tin cans are the best raw materials to make homemade wind chimes. Wind chimes are very easy to make with tin cans and they look beautiful hanging on the door.

  • Making a Colorful Kite

Kids nowadays are almost forgetting how fun it is to make and fly a kite. This should not happen. In summer camp, they can be taught to make kites with different colored papers and different sizes. They can fly them and enjoy a lot as well.

  • Building Craft Stick Airplane

In the summer we eat a lot of ice creams. Among the different types of ice cream, we also enjoy ice creams that are found on sticks. The ice cream sticks are a great material for making stick airplanes. In the summer camp, this can be a good crafting subject for the kids.

  • Making Clothespins Caterpillars

This is another cute piece of craft that kids can enjoy making. With woolen cloths or any other type of clothes, kids can make caterpillars of different colors. They can use different buttons to make cute eyes and noses. This is truly adorable crafting to do.

  • Creating Paper Lanterns

Making things with papers is actually the easiest crafting to do. You can teach the kids in the summer camp to make different sized and designed paper lanterns of different colors. All you need is some colored paper, glue, and a pair of scissors.

  • Crafting Paper Bag Masks

Among all the craft items above, this is the easiest thing to make in the summer camp. You can collect and gather different grocery paper bags and teach the kids to make paper bag masks using crayons to color on them. You can show them how to use the scissors to cut the eye holes and mouth holes in the bag mask.

Summer Camp Ideas for Preschoolers

So far I have only talked about kids of all ages. But preschoolers have some special things that they can do in the summer camps. So, for preschoolers, I have some awesome ideas here that will definitely bring up a good charm in your summer camp.

  • Making Solar Oven

In the summer camp, you can teach the kids how to use the energy or the heat and the light of the sun to make an oven for baking s’mores.

  • Creating Mentors Geyser

This is a fun chemistry lesson for the kids and it is very easy to perform in the summer camp as well. All you need is some soda in a geyser tube and some Mentos to perform this experiment.

  • Erupting an Artificial Volcano

In the summer camp, you can use an artificial volcano set to create an artificial volcano. Kids will definitely love to see the fake lava exploding through the tiny hill in the camp.


So these were some of the coolest ideas for summer camp activities & games for your kids. You can easily arrange them and they are totally harmless for the kids. So there is no risk of any accident.You can, without any worries, watch your kids enjoy a wonderful summer vacation with these activities.