How To Spooling A Spinning Reel Perfectly: An Expert's Guide & Tips

Are you worried about how to spool line on a spinning reel? Or do you want to go for fishing with spinning reel but don’t know how to spool a spinning reel perfectly? I am here to give the perfect solution to your spooling a spinning reel. If you are going fishing spinning reel with braid then it will open up a lot of possibilities for you.
Don’t worry! Fishing reel easy to use and maintenance. Your skill with saltwater spinning reel will help you to catch more fish. Let’s have a look at the steps and go for a memorable fishing.

How To Spooling A Spinning Reel Perfectly-Pro Guide

Matching The Size of The Line

Matching the size of the line is a very important task for reeling. An angler should properly match the size of the line which he or she wants to put on his or her spinning reel. Most of the anglers know spinning reels are for lighter line and downsized baits. Heavier monofilament and fluorocarbon are not suitable for the spinning reel.

How to tying line to a Spinning reel 

Now it’s time to tie a proper arbor knot on spinning reel. After selecting the appropriate type of fishing line for the type of fishing another important task started — it’s to tie a proper knot to your reel. First, attach the end of the reel to a rod and wrap the tag end around the spool twice.
Then, tie an over-hand knot in the tag end. Now wrap the knot around the mainline as it comes spool line onto reel. then, tie another over-hand knot in the tag end and slide the knot down so that it rests just above the first knot. You can use an arbor knot spinning reel or uni-knot – you can use any from these two. Determine Which

Direction Your Spinning Reel Turns

The simplest way of determining the direction of the spinning reel is to set a new tying line to spinning reel down and level up. Now take the spinning reel, place it over the top of the new line and starts reel slowly. Now you can note the direction of reels rotations.

Start Reeling The Line on A Spool

Wrap your finger around the mounting bar and another hand on the crank handle. Now start reeling slowly. Then,

  • Shut the bail of the reel with reducing the wire arm.
  • Give a way of bail rotation to crank the rod’s handle.
  • Let a right combination of your thumb and index finger to grip the line.
  • It’s enough to load the line 15-20 times.
  • Test the lines for tangles to drop it.
  • Load the rods spool until the fishing reel is full.
  • Attach a rubber band around the line on the fishing reel for the security.

Keep In Mind

  1. Heavier monofilament creates monstrous backlashes. It’s not easy to fix. Most important it is one the reason for wasting time on the water.
  2. If you require anything larger than 10 to 12 pounds test line, you can use fire line as the main line on your spooling a spincast reel.
  3. Before get started, soak monofilament overnight. It relaxes the line.
  4. Never use a pen or pencils at the time of spooling a spinning reel.


You are on the water, catching fish and sudden you are facing equipment disaster. You’ll be surprised by know that the most experienced anglers also face these type of common spinning reel problems. So nothing to worry. It is a really easy task. If you are following these steps at the time of how to spooling a spinning reel it will save your time and give you an enjoyable fishing.