How to sight in a red dot scope without shooting?

Shooting is fun and red dot makes this to another level. You can use it to any of your gun – Pistol, Shotgun, Ar to Sniper. It can work as a scope in short range; actually, perform better than a scope. That’s why the popularity of the red dot scope is very high among the shooters. However, searching in different shooting related blogs, I find that people face problem sighting in a red dot scope while not firing. That’s why we feel the need of writing content on how to sight in a red dot scope without shooting and here we gonna present that.

Before going to the main discussion, let’s know about some basics part of this writing.

What is Red Dot Scope?:

A red dot scope is a non-magnifying scope which gives illuminated red dot sign while firing or using. Choosing your rifle scope with exact rifle is must

Red Dot Scope range:

A red dot is a 1x optics and can aim close to moderate range. It is not a zooming scope; that’s why some people call it optic rather scope.

Guide On How To Sight In A Red Dot Scope Without Shooting

Operating a gun with a red dot is not an easy thing. One needs to have strength as well as skill and keep practicing to learn the technics of shooting. No worries. We hope that this guideline will add value to your practice session and sharpen your skill for how does a red dot sight work?

First Do Some Paper Work:

This step is not necessary for professionals but must for beginner and semi-professionals. Here paperwork is related to knowing about Red Dot, its range, theoretical knowledge of using, eye balancing, gun alignment and most importantly fix a schedule for practicing with your gun with Red Dot and get used to it.Choosing your rifle scope with exact rifle is must also.

Distance And Target Measurement:

Making sure about your distance of the target is very necessary. A beginner level shooter can aim in 25-30 yards easily without much-doing practice. After this, they should move to 50 yards and keep practicing for 2 weeks minimum.

100 yards is the minimal distance for a shooter for zeroing to be a good one. But some rifleman can cover the distance to 200 to 250 yards also.

How Does a Red Dot Sight Work:

The targeting of the red dot is set it to zero. It means that target to the centermost point. If you can zeroes the rifle and target the center point successfully, You can shoot any object you want. The tie in a peep sight learning technique is very easy and how to sight in a scope without shooting can be done in two ways.

A.Using Boresighter:

The people who do not know about boresighter; boresighter is a tool that can point laser light to the target. You can use it for practicing the red dot without shooting.

Process and details side by side:

There are mainly three types of boresighter available in the market. Details of each one are needed to make you understand the topic easier.

Laser Boresighter:

Laser boresighter is the most effective one here; especially the bullet-shaped one. Installing it is a bit tricky, but you can install it by reading the guideline in the laser boresighter box.

After positioning the laser into the gun, you need to look through the scope and try to control the red dot mark. Your main goal is to sight the center of the red dot mark. And for this, you need to rotate the cross-hairs until you achieve your goal. You can use dials sited at the four edges of the red dot.

Optical Boresighter:

It is a little bit trickier than laser boresighter. Optical Boresighter needs to connect to the barrel’s bottom and the tool must be aligned to the lens. You need to view the red dot via the grid of the lens. Then you need to rotate the cross-hairs right left upper down to get the middle position of the red dot.

B.Using Visual Boresighting

Visual sighting is another process. Before going to the discussion, please note down one thing that you need to remove the bolt of the rifle to use visual boresighting. First thing first -You need to install the tool in the right position. Then have to aim through the barrel of the rifle and find the middle of the red dot.


To avoid injury and accident precaution is a must. Don’t miss this part.

  • Make sure that your gun is unloaded.
  • Keep a professional all time by your side while practicing.
  • You should practice in the open field.
  • Proper eye rest is necessary.
  • Use a target board for practice firing, not any animal or such thing.

Final Words:

Any tricky thing can be easy if you practice enough and the same goes to this too. Hope that this full guideline will help you to sight in a red dot scope without shooting. We are waiting for your response on the topic. Happy shooting.