How to Clean A Fishing Reel After Saltwater Use?


Hey guys! Do you have a pleasant experience in the sea for fishing? Fishing in saltwater is an excellent experience. A fishing reel is one of the important tools for fishing in the seawater. You should care about your reel. Otherwise, the fishing reel will damage. So, don’t late, let’s know how to clean a fishing reel after saltwater use.

Materials for Cleaning Reels

1. Water
2. Cotton cloth
3. Lubricants
4. Dry papers
5. Bristle Brush
6. Wrench
7. Screwdriver

How to Clean A Fishing Reel After Saltwater Use

Stainless steel and other elements need to make the saltwater reel. Using the fishing reel parts, you should clean it. There are different ways on how to clean a fishing reel after saltwater use. Follow the instructions below:

Separation of Fishing Reel Parts Names 

Carefully separate the reel into parts. Take every piece in a different place and numbering them. The numbering process can help you to assemble the gear.


Rinse the full body of the fishing reel with fresh and clean water after finished the fishing. Rather, use a handheld spray to clean the fishing reel.

Unwind the Reel

The fishing reel is so long. When it is fishing in the sea, it becomes longer. Check the long reel with great attention so you can see where the salt is. Try to find the last salt and grime from the fishing reel.

Dry Clean

Dirt and algae include in the fishing reel after saltwater use. But they don’t hold on tightly with the reel. Clean the debris of fishing reel with a bristle brush.

Soak the Bristle Brush

The bristle brush can remove the dirt and the grime. Salt build up in the gear is the challenge here. Focus on the salt solution. Try to make the reel fresh and saturated with the bristle brush.

Clean the Barrel

When you reel your line back, it becomes rough and tangled if the barrel is uncleaned. So, clean the barrel with the bristle brush.


The next step is to gently all parts of the fishing reel lubricant when your reel rinses and dry. Handle, gear and the other fishing reel mechanism includes here. Spray the chemical into a cloth and scrub the fishing reel to save from the corrosion.

The Fishing Reel Handle Knobs

Fishing reel handle knobs are sensitive while cleaning it. The handles fit with small plugs. It can detach with an ice pick. Unplug and include some oil into the opening.

Wipe Down

Take your reel a simple bath. Use dry paper or cotton cloth for wipe down the fishing reel. Use compressed air to refuse the temptation. Besides this, drive water into the fishing reel.

How to clean and oil a spinning reel


The spinning reels become useless without proper care. You should make time to clean your fishing reel gear effectively. So that, they can sustain as long as possible. So, guys we already know how to clean a fishing reel and after saltwater use. I’m confident enough this post will help you a lot.