How to Catch Walleye Fishing Secrets Tips and Tricks


I know it’s a bit tricky for some to catch walleyes as I have been in their shoes before. But after doing deep research about it, I found some simple steps on how to catch walleyes easily in any season. If walleye fishing secrets still haven’t been revealed for you, today is the right time to crack this code. So, let’s find out everything you need to know about catching walleyes right now.

Walleye Fishing Secrets & Tips

Before you go and fish for walleye you need to be well prepared. It is not much of a tough thing to do. You just have to keep the following things in mind.

What Type of Lure to Use for Walleye

Lures or jigs are one of the most important equipment when it comes to catching walleyes. So you have to know which lure to pick in which time.

For example, if you are fishing in spring you need to pick light weighed lures. About 1/8 oz. should be fine. Also, in this season bright lures are more effective. Lures that are white or yellow or light reds are considered to be bright lures.

But in summer you should use heavier lures which are about 3/8 oz. Also, in this time you have to use a little darker shade for the lures. Natural brown or green are good color choice.

Choosing the Right Walleye Fish Bait

There is no better way to catch walleyes than using live baits. If you want to catch walleye with worms you have to learn to pick the right worms.

Walleyes are mostly attracted to minnows. But seasonally they are attracted to night crawlers and leeches as well.

In autumn or spring, you have to use the minnows. But if you want to catch walleyes in the summer you have to use leeches or night crawlers as baits.

Having an Efficient Walleye Fishing Rod

Having an efficient rod will help you to catch walleyes at ease. With the change of the season, the weight of the walleyes changes too. So, you have to pick a fishing rod that is capable of handling the highest weight possible.

In shallow water a fishing rod of 7 foot but light power is efficient. In early spring water is usually shallow. So, in this season the above rod is perfect.

But in late spring you have to use a 7-foot rod with light to medium power. And if you are using the rod for trolling walleye, you have to use a rod of medium to heavy power.

How to Fish for Walleye

Now that you are well prepared with your gears, let me reveal the walleye fishing secrets for you. The following methods show how to catch walleye in a river.

Using the Line Properly

To use the line efficiently, you have to learn the mechanism of retrieving the line with proper speed. You can retrieve slowly or fast. It depends on the condition of the walleyes, seasonally.

Generally, in summer, walleyes are really slow in the river. After you throw the hook in the river you have to wait for the hook to reach the bottom. Then, as the walleyes are slow, you have to retrieve the line slowly in order to catch the fish.

But when it is spring, walleyes become more aggressive and fast. So, during this season you have to retrieve the line faster than before.

If you want to know how to catch walleye from shore, you should know that walleyes tend to swim around near the shore often. So, using the line properly as I have stated, will help you to easily catch them.

How to Hook a Minnow for Walleye

This is quite a simple task to do. When you feel the line moving in the water it indicates that a walleye is biting your bait.

When it happens you have gently pulled back the line on your rod. When you do so, the walleye will get hooked. This process is called setting the hook.

I have heard some people asking about how to catch walleye at night. Well, this is an excellent way to catch walleye at night if you ask me.

How to Fish for walleye from a Boat

Above I have talked about catching walleye without a boat. But you can also use a boat to catch walleyes. This process is called trolling for walleyes. For this, you have to use a stronger fishing rod.

Just hover around the water with your boat and keep the line behind the boat. Wait for a walleye to get caught in the bait. Then simply pull the line. This method is efficient for off seasons like in the winter.

When to Fish for Walleye

In hot weather, and in the middle of the day, walleyes are a bit difficult to find. So, you have to have patience in order to have a good fishing experience when to fish for walleyes.

Once you catch one, you will immediately know how and where to find the next one if you fish patiently.

Best Time to Fish for Walleye

With the change of the season, walleyes change their locating in the river. You can find walleyes mostly in two seasons, spring and summer.

•    In spring, walleyes like to stay near the shore and they are easily found on the upper portion of the river. They swim around 3-10 feet deep during this time. So, fishing for walleyes in the spring is comparatively easy in spring.

•    The water becomes hotter in summer. So, in summer, walleyes go deeper under water. They like to stay under thick weeds or near rocky drop-offs, in the summer. So, in this season, if you want to catch walleyes you should use a boat instead of waiting beside the shore.


Basically, these are all the things you need to know about how to catch walleyes. The main thing that you have to keep in mind while fishing for walleyes is the aspects that change seasonally. Depending on the season, the lures, the fishing rods, and the baits everything changes. So, my final tip for you is to be careful about these things and pick each item accordingly.