How Should You Pass A Fishing Boat?

I am quite sure you are fond of riding a watercraft. All of us know boating is the most popular, funny and educative activity for the travelers. A panoramic beauty of nature can be enjoyed through boating. But always the waterways are not safe. Do you face difficulty at the time of passing a fishing boat? Do you want to know how should you pass a fishing boat? if yes, then this article is for you.
Imagine you are on a street where there are a lot of cars. You want to pass them and move forward. For this, you should have proper knowledge about the passing system of vehicles. Without knowledge, it may cause damage to other’s vehicles. After damage, you can’t say that you don’t know the system of passing a vehicle.
In this situation, according to law, lack of knowledge can’t use as self-defense. The same situation can happen in waterways. Here I’m trying to give you some useful information and techniques about how you should pass a fishing boat. 
Mainly there are two situations may create at the time of pass-

1. You want to pass other’s fishing boat

We know the boats which are used for fishing are called fishing boats. Generally, fishing boats are connected with net and line. There are specific lines or areas for the fishing boats to avoid any collision or sudden accidents. They can’t cross the line. When you want to pass a fishing boat, you are the privileged rider. Only after signaling and receiving an acknowledgment you can pass the fishing boat.
I know a question was raised in your mind and that is “When I am on the right side or left the side of the fishing boat, What will I do?” Here is the answer. If you are on the right side, you have to use one blast to pass. On the contrary, if you are on the left side, you have to use two blasts to pass.

2. Someone wants to pass your fishing boat

In this situation, you are in the problem zone. Hope you are ready to face the problem and overcome the situation. As your vessel is in the leading position, you have the right to stay on your side of the waterways. But you can’t fasten or slow the speed of your vessel. Maintain a steady speed and let them pass your vessel safely. To maintain passing rule is an important part of riding.
If you do not know passing rules, there may cause any danger or sudden accidents. We know prevention is better than cure. For more safety, you can contact them by using your radio to discuss with the passing boat.

Others situation

If you are in confusion, yield right. It will keep you safe. When there is a fishing boat coming at you head on, both boats are yield to their right and use your horn signal. It’s a law. It helps to avoid most common problems with the boat on boat encounters.
Finally, the above-mentioned suggestions or information help a boat operator to how should you pass a fishing boat in the river or sea smoothly. Safety should be the first motto for the fishing boat operators which must be followed from beginning to end.