HK P30 vs P30l : Which One Is Better Combat Guns?

HK P30 and P30L are two world-famous combat guns. P30L is the latest edition of P30 and is a bit more popular. When compared, both are similar in most aspects, with a few exceptions. Let’s compare the two in a few words.

The core differences between these two combat guns are as follows: the P30L has a longer slide than the Hk P30. The recoil for the P30 and P30l differs from one another, although the difference is not night and day. On top of that, there are variations in the level of refinement and feel.

Most of the time, choosing between P30 and P30L comes down to personal preference. I would recommend choosing the longer version, but you should try both before purchasing one.

History of P30 and Its Variants

The P30 is a semi-automatic handgun made by Heckler & Koch. Earlier, the gun was referred to as P3000 and replaced the P2000. It was essentially a service pistol for law enforcement, and the German Federal Customs Administration began using it in 2006.

The cantonal police of Zurich and the state police of Hessen (Germany) later purchased P30 in 2008 and 2010. Many other legal authorities subsequently ordered it. It comes in various variations and is available in.40 S&W and 9mm Parabellum.

P30L has a longer slide, whereas P30SK has a shorter side slide and barrel. L in P30L refers to long slides and the SK in P30SK refers to subcompact. The additional variations are P30S, P30LS, and P30S. These variations come with ambidextrous external safety and several trigger configurations.

Difference Between HK P30 and P30L

As already stated, both of these combat rifles are similar in most aspects. However, even a small adjustment might have affected how you felt while shooting. So let’s learn them in detail.

Both the P30 and P30L Do not have the same Recoil 

Recoil is probably one of the intimidating features of semi-automatic weapons like the P30 or P30L or any other. particularly if it is your first time shooting a gun.

When you pull the trigger on a gun, the gun exerts a force on the bullet, and the bullet simultaneously exerts the same force in the opposite direction. This is known as recoil or kickback. Recoil, to put it simply, is what the shooter feels after he fires the bullet.

Now comes to the main point, recoil for both the P30 and P30l is not the same; though it is not a big difference, it does exist. It seems counterintuitive, but it could be the extra mass or the speed of the slide.

P30L has lengthened Slide/barrel

The slide length of the P30L is longer than that of the Hk P30. Other than that, they are identical in every other way. Barrels change in length by about 0.5–0.6, but P30l seems to be slightly larger than P30.

It just comes down to personal preference; many prefer shorter slides. A shorter length might be a bit easy to carry. 

Smoothness and Overall Feel

Between P30 and P30L, there are differences in the level of refinement or overall feel. The slide action of the non-L P30 is a little bit rougher and not quite as smooth as the L version. It also depends somewhat on personal preference. On the other hand, I must say the P30 offers much reliability.

The new design and interchangeable grip shells allow maximum hand size compatibility, including that of both men and women.

Changes in the Dimension

As you can see, there is a slight discrepancy between the sight radius and barrel length. Consequently, there is a difference between P30L and P30’s overall length. 

Caliber9 mm x 199 mm x 19
Overall length7.12 in.7.71 in.
Overall height5.43 in.5.43 in.
Overall width w/lever1.37 in1.37 in
Barrel length3.85 in.4.45 in.
Sight radius5.84 in.4.45 in.

Changes in Weight

As you know from the previous table, P30L is slightly longer, and from the table below you can see P30L is slightly heavier too. Whereas, P30 9 mm x 19 caliber is 26.08 oz, P30L 9 mm x 19 caliber is 27.52 oz.

Caliber9 mm x 199 mm x 19
With magazine26.08 oz27.52 oz
Magazine0.20 lb0.20 lb

Changes in Other Specifications

Although we have found minor changes in the dimension and weight, no such changes have been found in other specifications of P30 and P30L. Both are same in terms of magazine capacity, trigger system, trigger and sight.

Caliber9 mm x 199 mm x 19
Magazine capacity15 Rounds15 Rounds
Trigger systemSA/DASA/DA
Trigger pull (N)20 + 4/-2 (SA) 51 +/- 5 (DA)Same
Trigger travel25 inch (SA)< .55 inch (DA)Same
SightsFixed Fixed 

Changes in Technology

The construction of the P30 and P30L uses well-known polygonal technology. They don’t differ from one another in this regard. A polygonal bore profile, in contrast to traditional lands and grooves, prevents propellant gasses from escaping and seals them behind the bullet. 

Furthermore, it has the capacity to withstand material loss brought on by mechanical action. Consequently, it lasts longer. This technology is present in all other HK handguns, not just the P30 or P30L. 

HK P30 and P30L are two world-famous combat guns. Both are similar in every aspect, with a few exceptions.


The differences between P30 and P30L should now be very clear to you, but just in case, here are some frequently asked questions that you might want to know the answers to. 

How well-suited is the HK P30L for concealed carry?

Yes, you can carry it, but the P30L is slightly bigger than other models like the P30. Therefore, carrying it in your pocket would be a bit difficult. It is possible, though, and can be concealed inside the waistband.

Which P30L was used by John Wick?

Well, John Wick primarily uses V3 variants in all three chapters. The trigger travels 14 mm (0.55 in) (DA) and 7 mm (0.28 in) (SA), and the trigger pull is 51 N (11.5 lbf) (DA) and 20 N (4.5 lbf) (SA). the spurred button, which is situated at the slide’s back.

Does a P30L holster fit a P30?

As stated, the P30L is a bit larger. So it won’t fit in a standard P30 holster. Holster models are available for a different version of P30L


There you have it. Hopefully, you can now clearly see how these two combat pistols differ from one another. Even though there isn’t much of a difference, as previously mentioned, even a small change might have affected how you felt while shooting.

A lot depends on your personal preferences when deciding between these two. If you really want to buy one of these two combat guns, you should test-firing both of them until you convince yourself. 

Did you see how John Wick shot? Wow, he does the job very quickly. HK P30 and P30L are quality pistols. They will surprise you.