A Definitive Guide on Mountain Goat Hunting Tips


The mountain goat is a large hoofed mammal animal. It is as well as an endemic to North America. This type of goat is also known as Rocky Mountain Goat. It’s commonly founded rising in the mountains or highlands. Mountain goat hunting one of the most favorite prey among the hunters. night vision camera uses for hunting.

Overview of the Mountain Goat Hunting

Both male and female have horns. They are covered with the wealthy double layer of wool coat. The coats protect them from cold weather as it will be going down at -50 Fahrenheit and more. The overcoat falls off during summer. As they live in high and cold places, they cannot take normal diet like other goats.
Usually, the mountain goats eat mainly ferns, mosses, and lichens. If they find grasses, they don’t deny.
Actually, the male goat has longer horns and beards than the female. The mountain goats have a normal weight between 45-140 kg. In fact, the male often weights less than 82 kg. Ordinarily, the body length can range from 120-179 cm. In the wild, they usually live 12-15 years.
A goat having age of two and a half year is considered to be an adult. In late October to December, at that time male and female participate in a mating ritual. After the breeding season, they move away from each other. Predators like wolves, lynxes, bears, attack them normally.
At the breeding period and the time of the attack of enemies can make the goats aggressive. They can occasionally be aggressive towards humans and can cost much harm. Knowing about the mountain goats can help you to learn about the goat hunting guide.

Mountain Goat Habitat

The mountain goats habitat rocky terrain. They like to live at altitudes up to 10,000 feet, although they can survive at the sea’s edge. Generally, the mountain goats seasonally migrate places. They migrate from higher slopes to alpine grassy fields in the spring and warm seasons thereby. They usually form groups for their safety and propagation also. But some of them lead a single life without participating in any groups.

Mountain Goat Hunt Planning

For hunting, one of the key parts is proper planning. An effective plan can bring great result in the hunting. Planning means thinking and taking decisions before start hunting. As a result, planning is important. The hunt planning contains –

  • What the equipment might take
  • Choosing the best hunting gears
  • How to get proper permissions of hunting
  • Going to the suitable hunting and fishing places
  • How to start the hunting process
  • Taking needed safety steps
  • How to end the hunting and how to use goat night vision camera
  • Try to make your own goat hunting guide

A good planning can reduce many problems. The hunt planning will make your hunting less hard and the percentages of success will increase definitely.


First, you must get proper permissions from legal authorities. Before starting hunting, it is the first and foremost step. After getting permissions, check the permission-lists carefully. Normally, authorities permit to hunt only male goats or female goats. It is important for maintaining a healthy ratio. Next, you have to take a decision about the transportations options.
The mountain goat hunting process can take 3-4 days so that it’s important to make mental preparation before starting. Another step is to take a guide with you if you are not a professional hunting. Finally, you have to gather hunting gears.

Mountain Goat Hunting Gear List Required Equipment

For any kind of  hunting in usa, some special equipment is required. For the mountain goats hunting, you need –

Suitable clothing

The clothing part consists of –

  • A lightweight fleece jacket
  • Warm clothes
  • Hat
  • Rubber gloves
  • Water-wicking underwear
  • Hiking boots
  • Dry bag
  • Extra items for your personal needs

Water bottle

Water is life. So, carrying water is too much important. Bottle size and type can differ to person to person.


The backpack is a key equipment for hunting and fishing reel. A good backpack can give you more comfort as well as advantages also.


The mountain goat hunting can take 4-5 days. During this time, you have to eat to survive strongly. It is ideal to take some foods with you. You can take natural foods also.

Firing tools

Fire is a must have the thing for us. It helps us to cook foods and keep away the unexpected creatures from us. It increases our mental strength also.


The mountain goats will not stay claim as you like. They try to keep a distance from humans. For observation before hunting, a telescope is a must need.

Gun and ammo

Bring the comfortable and lightweight hunting gun or rifle for the hunting. Suitable ammo for the selective rifle is also necessary.

Soft gun case

This thing will give you more comfort. Because carrying a gun continuously can bother you. A soft gun case can solve this common problem. It also increases your safety.


The goats hunting is far from easy. Setting some remote controlling goat night vision cameras can increase your chance of success. Those cameras will work like your extra eyes also. You can easily locate the mountain goats. Normal night vision cameras can save your moments of adventure. Night vision camera uses for hunting.

Torch & headlamp

A torch is a basic tool for hunting. It will help you in the time of low sunlight periods and the nights. Headlamp can very effective for hiking times.

Tent & sleeping pack

For camping, a good and heatproof tent is necessary. The mountain goats live in extremely cold places so it is such an important. Different types and sizes of tents exist in the market. Sleeping pack/bag is also important for your proper sleep and rest.


You have to scout a long way to find the mountain goats or for observing. It is important to identify areas to avoid or select for hunting.

Satellite phone

From the satellite phone, you can call anytime and from anywhere if you fall in danger or critical situation. Moreover, it can be a lifesaving tool. Nowadays it becomes a necessary item in the hunting time.

When and Where to Hunt

It is suitable to hunt in the spring or worm session. The winter and extreme cold periods of time can be very difficult and risky. The mountain goats like to stay in the cliffs of mountains or highlands. Do not shot them at those positions. In the spring session, the goats migrate to the grassy fields. It is also a good time for hunting. When the goats in no falling or slippery places, then try to shot.
Avoiding the raining time is an ideal decision also. It is better to hunt the adult mountain goats, not the young goats. Try to make one shot kill. It will give less pain to the goat. If the goat gets serious hurts on its body, it will not useful to you.

Game Meat

The meat of the mountain goats is a great reward for the hunter. Moreover, it is super fresh and tasty. But the meat is a putrescent thing. So first, take some steps before hunting to preserve the meat or transport the meat. After finishing the hunting, quickly transport the goat to keep the meat safe. Goat meat can cook in many ways. It is healthy and contains more protein than beef.

Safety Issues

Safety is the always first priority. Nothing is more important than your safety. So you should follow these steps to ensure your safety at the time of hunting.
Taking an experienced guide with you can very helpful for you. It will increase your safety. If you are experienced enough, you can go to hunting alone but don’t forget to what might avoid and what should do.

  • Aware of the use of the gun or rifle. It can hurt another people and also you.
  • Be serious about the cold weather where the mountain goats live. Otherwise, it can become very dangerous for a hunter.
  • Don’t go far closer to the cliffs of the mountains or the highlands.
  • Always keep extra dry clothing with you.
  • Set your camp in a safe and flat and dry place. But avoid the cliffs and the watery places. Those are not ideal for camping.
  • Be aware of predators.
  • Maintain a safe distance from the goats. Because the aggressive mountain goats can be very dangerous.
  • Choose the suitable time for hunting.
  • Try to shot the goat in a relaxed position.
  • Don’t hunt more than you are permitted.


The hunting is an excellent way to pass time above all. The goats hunting is an adventurous but difficult task. Mountain goat hunting will give you some great experiences and memories also. Moreover, it will increase your hunting skill. You can learn something new from it also.
But excessive hunting can bring some serious problems in the ecosystem where the mountain goats exist.
Before starting hunting, you must check the safety issues. When you are in the hunting zone, don’t do any silly work in the area. The mountain goats in an endemic animal to North America. It plays an important role in the ecological system of the mountain where they live. Those goats are the nice part of nature. For this reason, if you hunt in a systemic way, it will not affect on ecology.
Hope this goat hunting guide will be helpful for you.