Bow Hunting Equipment On Your Next Hunting Trip.

From ancient age till today, bow hunting is still popular among wildlife hunters. Many people think of bow hunting as hunting with a traditional bow and arrow that is made of wood. However, modern hunters enjoy the improved weapon that has more speed, accurate and efficient to make their hunting easier which increases the success rate.

But still bow hunting is challenging and to have an enjoyable and successful bow hunting experience, you need to carry some essential bow hunting equipment on your next hunting trip.

In this article, we will guide you through the most important gears to carry when going on a bow hunting expedition. However, we will not talk about the bow and arrow that you will need, rather our focus is on the essential items in addition to the bow and arrow.

List of Essential Bow Hunting Equipment

  1. Hunting License.
  2. Safety vest & Harness.
  3. Hunting Tent.
  4. Backpack.
  5. Knives.
  6. Warm Camouflage Outfit.
  7. Water, Snacks and Battery Pack.

Hunting License

If you have not started bow hunting or planning to start your bow hunting expedition, then a hunting license is one of the most important items that you must have before starting bow hunting. If you live in U.S., Canada, or Mexico, then before applying for the hunting license, you need to complete a basic hunter education course.

Safety Vest & Harness for Hunting

Hunting vest provides light protection from wildlife. You need have a safety vest that is made of rough and tough material. Bright color vests can easily get attention, so choose a vest that is earth color. Along with protection, safety vest provides a storage system. Vests have many pockets which help to keep your knife, small gears and even water bottle and snack handy and organized.

If you are planning to hunt on tree stand, then it is very important to wear a harness for safety. It is recommended to get a full body harness for the purpose of ultimate safety. If will be in great danger if you don’t pack a safety harness and vest in your next hunting adventure.


If you are planning to stay for days on your next hunting expedition, then you definitely need to carry a high-quality tent that can protect you from wildlife and the weather. You should consider getting a backpacking tent as they are very lightweight and easy to carry. Another thing to consider before purchasing a tent is to get an instant tent because they are easy to set up and maneuver.


Packing and carrying your gears and hunting equipment can be very challenging, so getting a backpack is essential to organize your items. Backpacks with lots of external pockets and an internal divider to keep everything organized is recommended. You should get a backpack that is waterproof to keep your gears dry and backpacks with silent zipper are essential to open and close the zipper quickly without letting your prey knowing your position.

Depending on the days you will stay for bow hunting, you should get a backpack 3000 to 7000 cubic inches of interior space. If you plan to stay for a single day, then 3000 cubic inches will do fine but you should buy backpacks with 4500 to 7000 cubic inches if you are planning to stay for multiple days. Also, hunting backpacks are great for storing the meat after you have successfully hit your prey. If you go for big game, then you definitely need a larger hunting backpack.


Knives for hunting are not the same as your pocket knives. As you will use the knife to cut the prey, you need to have a very sharp and tough knife. Also, you should pack at least two knives. Carry a knife sharper is also essential because you don’t want a dull knife for field dressing your prey.

If you go for big game, then carry a large and very sharp knife for skinning the deer or elk. But a small knife that is sharp is sufficient if you are going for small game hunting.

Water, Snacks and Battery Pack

Sometimes, it takes a lot of time to spot a deer and waiting for your prey under the sun can make you dehydrated. So to keep yourself hydrated, carry a water bottle. The good news is, many hunting backpacks has a built-in water bladder that can store from 2 liters to 50 liters of water. However, if you plan to go with the water bottle, make sure you get a water bottle that does not make a sound while opening it.

Always try to keep dry food with you so that you don’t have to cook. Carrying energy packs can be convenient and healthy rather than snacks like chips or candy bars.

You should also keep a power bank with you to make sure that your electronic devices like phone and camera don’t run out of juice.

Warm Camouflage Outfit

If you are planning to bow hunt during the winter season, then you should bring clothes that will keep you warm for hours while you are waiting for your prey. If it is extremely cold, then you need a thermal jacket, sweater, face mask, and gloves to keep you warm. In light winter condition,  insulated coat and pants are enough.

Also, during the rainy season, carry a rain jacket to keep yourself dry. Camouflage outfit is recommended for not getting spotted by your prey.