The Zebco Omega Z02 PRO Fishing Spincast Reel Review

The Zebco Omega Pro Z03 vs Z02 Reel is relatively light in weight and a high performing spincast reel. It is 20 times more buoyant than it’s larger contemporary, Zebco Z03 PRO.
The properties of the Zebco Omega Z02 combine materials that are sometimes part of the sophisticated spinning reels, including high-class and extremely efficient several-cam drag function.
Included in the Zebco Z02 PRO is an extra spool, that is packed with Cajun rope, along with a long double-knob power holder. The Zebco Omega 2 Pro Spincast Reel handgrip can be attached on both sides for retrieving with either hand.
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Special Features

  • Its 6-pound line is made with eighty-five yards of Cajun light, which makes it efficient in tackle fishing.
  • Includes a continuous reverse-averse clutch in its 7 extra even-surfaced iron bearings.
  • A ration of 3.4:1 in its gear system
  • Double-anodized airplane alloy caps.
  • It’s driving gear is model T-7075 and has a worm-drive alloy rotator head


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Zebco Omega Z02 Reviews

A customer who has used the Zebco Z02PRO Fishing Omega 2 Pro Spincast challenged people who think that spincast reels are toys. He also personally labeled spincasting reels cheap toys until he decided to buy the Zebco Omega 2 Pro Spincast Reel, which changed all his previously held views.
According to him, The Zebco Spincast Fishing Omega Reel is built like a tank and is supposed to last for many years if properly taken care of.  He attests to its extremely high quality and very high functioning.
Another person has labeled the Zebco Omega Z02 Pro as the best in spincast ever. According to this angler, he has not had any problem with this reel while fishing and it has made his fishing pleasurable.
Even though this reel has slower retrieve than others, he is used to, he does not mind because of its other superior qualities. He advises other anglers that even though the reel seems expensive, they should still go for it because its properties make the price reasonable.
Another customer had this to say about the Zebco Omega Pro Z02. According to him, he has bought a couple of other less-expensive spin cast reels, however, they get bad after just a few days. He then decided to get a reel that is higher and of more quality than the ones he had been buying.
He says that he is happy with the quality and finish of the Zebco Z02PRO Fishing Omega 2. Also, even though he has had it for some months now, and has been using it every day since he obtained it, it is still working very efficiently as it was on day one.
He has caught a big catfish and largemouth bass very easily since he started using it. He therefore, recommended it for people who like best saltwater spinning reels!
This article has reviewed The Zebco Omega Z02 Spincast Reel, to enable you to make an informed choice before purchasing a spincast reel.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-thumbs-o-up” color=”#319e45″ type=”fa”] Pros

  • It has a smooth and very comfortable casting
  • The Zebco Omega Z02 Pro can be utilized over far distances because of its 85-yard line.
  • It also achieves precision over these long distances
  • It is excellent for average and small weight fishes, such as sand bass and striper fishing.
  • The design and build of the Zebco Omega Pro Z02 Spincast Reel make it very easy to use.
  • The drag works as effectively as any other contemporary reel.
  • Its spool changes very quickly, compared to other spin cast reels.
  • The Zebco Spincast Fishing Omega Reel comes with a spare pool for your convenience.


[mks_icon icon=”fa-thumbs-o-down” color=”#b72626″ type=”fa”] Cons

  • There is nothing level winding about its Level-Wind Oscillating Spool System.
  • The way the components are fitted untidy
  • The position where the drag wheel is located is pretty poor and the drag action of the Zebco Z02PRO Fishing Omega 2 Pro Spincast reel is unreliable.
  • The retrieve of this reel is very slow compared to its contemporaries.


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