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By request I have decided to go ahead and spill my guts on the basics of swording. This is not the deep seated intricate dedicated sword freaks bible. Rather it’s a brief summary of how “I” do it. I make no claim to be better than some of the sharpies down here but I keep up with them pretty well. I have discovered that sticking to basics has served me best as chasing wild techniques and tricks has left me with nothing to show for it…
In order to go swording you need a few things. A boat that can get to them. a place to go to, and bait. No bait has produced more consistently for me than a nice fat squid… So lets explore how to take that slab of calamari and turn it into sword chow…
First make your rig. Keep it simple applies here as I simply crimp a hook to a leader with some chafing gear, add a length of soda straw for a spacer and either a small float or weight to keep the rig from just pulling on through… I use about 10-12 feet of 250 sufix mono clear leader. The one place I do get a touch fancy is the hook. It gets a Linger-pitman 11/0… The straw is measured out against the proposed bait leaving enough room for float or weight.

Next we need to get creative on how to run that up so the leader comes directly out of the tip of the squid. Well I found a section of #10-12 wire folded in half to be about 18″ long works just dandy.

This gets inserted right in the very tip of the squid and run down the inside of the mantle til its just past the head…

Once through take the unfinished end of the leader and run a few inches through the end of the bent wire.

Draw the wire back through the squid carrying the leader back through with it…

Now pull the leader through and the rig into the mantle. Take the hook and run it through the head. You don’t need or want to get a lot of meat on it. I try to just hook enough head to hold it. This keeps the hook exposed where it can more easily set in the swords mouth when he commits to eatin it.

I take the next step to avoid soft eating swordies from just pulling the squid down and leaving you with a calamari baseball. I run a rigging needle with about a foot of wax line through the tip of the squid behind the leader. Then I do a criss crossing wrap around the leader back and forth for a bit over an inch of nice tightly pulled crossovers. I finish it with a sing half hitch, pull tight, and trim. Once thats done I crimp the unfinished leader end.

Now we got the bait being the hard part done. With that we add a light stick using a rubber band and prepare your weights (12, 16, 24 oz ) with bands…

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