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How to make & fish spreader bars

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Speader bars have become a must In the past 5 years & are fished more & more by boats targeting Tuna….Colors very from area to area & sizes aswell…The fact Is that they catch tuna day In & day out..& If they are rigged good & balanced right the will be some of your top producers…..
Rigging a spreader bar Is not a hard task to tackle….Some tips & Things you will need to make your bar…
List or supplies..
1..Floats that fit your squids..Also pick a color to match your squid..For example If your get a orange float & put It In a green squid It will look Like crap…So pick the color to match your squids.
2. Beads make sure the inside dia. will fit on the leader you plan to use.
3. Crimps
4. Leader I use 130 to 200 lb diamond line Momoi..
5. Bar- Pick a bar match to the squid you want to use you do not need a heavy duty bar for 6-inch squids…light to med will be just fine..
6. Squids- do your home work on what color to use…Ask around get a good idea of what color bars have been the best In your area…The main stay In Va bch for me Is….. Blue/white…solid Green….Pink….& Rainbow…These are the bars I bring on every trip….
7. Heavy duty snap swivel…
8. Crimpers
9. Tape measure…….I use a spacer I cut from a scrap spreader bar & my measurements are the same every time….
I make mine In big area so I have room to lay out every thing…Trust me this Is a golden rule because If your like me I get fustrated If I dont have room to work..
I lay out my bar & then lay out the squids In the pattern ..I use a classic diamond pattern…
The first line I bulid Is the middle line wich has 4 squids…I place all 4 squids on the line squid,float, bead, & crimp…The first crimp I make Is on the last squid …Then I pull the squid down on the cork & measure from the nose of the squid to the next crimp…wich Is 17 1/2 inchs…so on & so on for the middle row…& the last middle squid does get the snap swivel..
Next Is the two Inside lines…same measurements but crimp all the squids before I attach It to the bar this way I can place It where I want It…Follow these steps for the out sides aswell…
Now for your main line In front of the bar…For this one I like to put a squid on It so that I slides down to the bar It self…
There are two ways to make these bars one Is having the squids close to the bar the other Is putting the squids far back from the bar….I fish my bars on the flat lines & short riggers so I make mine close to the bar…If you fish them from the long riggers make the squids further back from the bar wich allows the bar to stay out of the water a little more..Flat lines & shorts It dosnt matter because the bar will be In the water anyhow….
My bar selection goes by the time of the year.. I fish 6 inch squids early In the year & as the year goes on I fish bigger squids up to 15inchs…Early In the year the tuna are feeding on small squid & bait fish & I want to try & match the hatch…As the year goes on the bigger squid move In to the area along with ribbon fish & other bigger baits…
I fish my bars on the flats, & shorts…But mainly I fish one In the middle of my spread..Thats where Ive had my best luck….I seems to draw unreal strikes…& also acts as a teaser & nine times out of ten the other baits around the bar will get hit aswell.
If I plan on fishing alot of bars I run two on the flats one In the middle & my smaller baits on the the outsides longs & shorts…When you do this you will find that your bars wont get hit as much but your longs & shorts will get crushed…Why..?Well fish target the straglers the weak fish that lag behind..So your bars are acting more as a teaser then A hook bait..
I use 4 different hook baits..
#1… Is the white widow…a 5-1/2 inch white Moldcraft squid with red beads & a fang hook..
#2…Same bait but In 9 inch I use this on my big bars 12 & 15 inch squid bars..
#3.. mini green machine
#4.. big green machine
Im not a fan of meat behind a bar yes It does work but to me Its a pain In the azz..You have to change washed out baits more often due to the drag & the motion of the bar going thru the water…..
The number for me has been two to three feet behind the last squid..This Is not the rule for everyone but just my personal rule & has worked to perfection for me..
Tight lines & screaming drags..

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